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AACD Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Accreditation?
A. Accreditation serves to set the standard for excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Achieving Accredited status from the AACD requires dedication to continuing education, careful adherence to the protocol, and a resolve to produce exceptional dentistry.
Q. Why become Accredited?
A. The Accreditation program of the Academy benefits dental professionals and their patients. The process encourages further education, interaction with like-minded colleagues, and opportunity for professional growth. You will become a better dentist or laboratory technician and patients will benefit from the treatment provided.
Q. How many Accredited members have there been in the history of the Academy?
A. 419 total - 370 dentists / 49 laboratory technicians
Q. Do I need to be an AACD member to become Accredited?
A. No
Q. What needs to be completed in the Accreditation process?
A. 1. Written Examination/two required workshops 2. Clinical Case Examinations 3. Oral Examination
Q. What is the cost of this process?
A. Written Examination  $400 member / $600 non-member (USD) non-refundable
     Testing Center Exam for AACD member $600 (USD), plus applicable testing center fees; non-refundable
     Clinical Case Examinations $200 member / $300 non-member per case (USD) non-refundable
     Oral Examination $500 member / $725 non-member (USD) non-refundable
Q. Is there an application that I need to fill out to begin the process?
A. Yes. The application begins with the written examination application.
Q. Where/When can I complete the two required workshops?
A. The two required workshops are wonderful learning tools and are offered at the annual scientific session or online. In addition to these workshops, the Advanced Accreditation Workshop is available at different times throughout the year. The Accreditation Workshop is recommended first and the Criteria Workshop is recommended second.
Q. When can I take the written examination?
A. At any annual AACD scientific session.
At a Castle Worldwide Testing Center from August through December.
Q. Who is eligible to take the written examination?
A. Dentists and dental laboratory technician members.
Q. Is the written examination difficult?
A. The written examination tests an individual’s foundational knowledge of cosmetic dentistry. Dentists and dental laboratory technicians who are knowledgeable in all phases of cosmetic dentistry are expected to pass the written examination. Failure to pass the written examination indicates that an individual would likely benefit from further education prior to attempting the clinical cases.
Q. How is the written examination graded/scored?
A. The philosophy of the criterion referenced testing is based on the concept that member dentists and dental laboratory technicians should be measured against the skill and knowledge represented in each examination question.  This is represented as an absolute standard so that all examinees who meet the standard will pass. The decision to pass or fail an individual is based solely on the total subtest scores that are for information purposes only and cannot be averaged to achieve a total examination score.
Q. Are there additional study materials for the written examination?
A. Yes. There are sample examinations available for purchase online and an online listing of study materials. Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation in Cosmetic Dentistry - A Guide to Accreditation Criteria and Photographic Documentation and Evaluation in Cosmetic Dentistry - A The Guide to Accreditation Photography are valuable resources for anyone pursuing Accreditation.
Q. As an individual in the Accreditation process (an individual who has passed the written examination), do I need to attend the annual AACD Scientific Sessions?
A. Yes. Attending half of the annual scientific sessions since passing the written examination is a requirement for clinical case submission.
Q. When can I submit my cases?
A. After passing the written examination, attending the two required workshops, and attending 1/2 of the Annual AACD Scientific Sessions since passing the written examination.
Q. When will my case submission be examined?
A. The exact dates are determined by the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry®. Case submission deadline dates are June 1 and November 1 of each year.
Q.  What is the time span of this process?
A.  Once you pass the written examination and have attended the two required workshops, you could
submit your clinical case(s) immediately after the results of the written examination are received. Once all of
your clinical cases pass, you will be invited to appear for the oral examination. Everyone works at a pace
that works best for them.
Q.  Protocol states that there is a five-year time limit to complete the Accreditation process. Please explain.
A. There is a five year time limit to complete the entire Accreditation process. The clinical case portion of
the Accreditation process must be completed by the expiration of the candidate’s written examination. The
oral examination must be successfully completed by the oral examination session immediately following the
expiration of the candidate’s written examination. In order to be fair to all individuals pursuing Accreditation
in the AACD, the ABCD has established policy that no waivers or time extensions will be granted within the
Accreditation process.


Q. How many Accredited Fellows are there?
A. 69 total in history - 64 dentists / 5 laboratory technicians
Q. Is there a deadline for submitting cases for Fellowship?
A. The submission deadline date is December 1 of each year. An application is required to schedule an examination slot (limited slots available) in which many members schedule well in advance.


Q. Once I become an Accredited or Accredited Fellow member in the AACD, are there maintenance requirements that I have to complete? How do I keep my status of an Accredited or Accredited Fellow member?
A. Accredited and Accredited Fellow members do have maintenance requirements that must be completed once every three years. Please review the Accreditation and/or Fellowship protocol for the specifics and complete details.

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