Forms & Additional Accreditation Resources

1. 12 Required Views for Accreditation (PDF)

2. Accreditation Examination Criteria (PDF)

3. AACD Accreditation Guides

4. Accreditation FAQ’s

5. Advanced Accreditation Workshop Template (PowerPoint)

6. Case Participation Program

7. How to Find Accreditation Cases (PDF)

8. Process Chart

9. Sample Written Reports

Sample Written Report for Dentists  (PDF)
Sample Written Report for Laboratory Technicians  (PDF)

10. Templates

Title Slide Template  (PDF)
Treatment Slide Template (PDF)
(Reminder - You will need to click "file" followed by “save as” and rename your title and treatment slides saving to a designated area)

11. Workshops

12. Photo Release Form (PDF) For Use With Accreditation Cases Only!