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Affiliate Resource and Startup Guide

Engaging AACD members and dental professionals locally for educational events and lectures can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, starting a new affiliate—or reenergizing an existing Affiliate—can be challenging. However, with some helpful resources from the AACD, this challenge can be easily completed. 

Advice and Best Practices From Affiliate Leaders

Getting Started 
So you want to start an AACD Affiliate near you, but how do you begin? Check out this article by Rhonda Mullins of the Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for a quick brief on how to get your local affiliate off the ground.

Getting People to Join Your Affiliate: Marketing Tips
You've got your Affiliate up and you just need a great membership base! Here's how to attract and retain local dental professionals who can help your Affiliate thrive.

How Can I Finance Some of Our Events? 
Events and programs are what helps attract new members to your Affiliate, but how can you find the funds to offer them? Read this article on how to garner the financial resources needed to offer outstanding events.

How to Reduce Your Chapter's Expenses
Here are a few simple ways to keep costs minimal while offering events at your local Affiliate.

Finding Speakers For Your Programs 
Here are some valuable resources to help AACD Affiliate organizations locate speakers for their events. Click here for a complete list of AACD educators willing to speak at AACD Affiliate events. Other resources: The Dental Advisor, and Directory of Dental Speakers.

Vendor Contacts 
For AACD Affiliate use only, here
's a list of potential contacts who may be interested in exhibiting or sponsoring your event.

How to Start a Non-Profit: Articles of Incorporation
Prepared for AACD Affiliate founders, here's a document of sample Articles of Incorporation.
Sample Bylaws
Click here to access Model Bylaws for AACD Affiliates.
How Can You Pull Off a Successful Affiliate Event?
Taken directly from the ESCAD's manual, here's a timeline this AACD Affiliate uses to prep for conferences. Use this a guide for your own events!
AACD Affiliate Logos
Click here to download Affiliate logos from Document Sharing.