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It’s more
than a smile.
It’s light,
levity, kindness,
and compassion.

Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry and photo by AACD Accredited Member
David Chan, DMD

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We don’t just recreate a smile; we recreate


Real Patient.
Real Result.

Dentistry and photo by AACD Accredited Member
Jason Olitsky, DMD

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is our chosen field
of expertise;
our life’s work.
Become an
AACD Member.

Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry and photo by AACD Accredited Member
Lauren Shanard, DDS

White Text Slideshow - Cellist
White Text Slideshow - Kember and Erin
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AACD Continuum

Hands-on workshops leading
to clinical excellence in
responsible esthetics.

Next Up: Contour, Color and Creativity in Direct Composite Restorations with Brian P. LeSage, DDS, FAACD

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What's Cosmetic
Dentistry to an
AACD dentist?
It's more than a pretty smile. 
AACD dentists pledge to practice responsible esthetics & promote overall oral health & function.

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How To Improve Case Acceptance: Four Surefire Ways to Get to “Yes”

Money and fear are the two most common barriers to treatment acceptance. This is especially true for dentists specializing in sometimes complex and expensive cosmetic and restorative procedures and fee-for-service dentistry. Getting patients to say yes—and actually see them walk through your practice door for their first treatment—is a skill set every practitioner needs to master. 

Here are four tips to help your practice convert more prospects into clients and more clients into loyal, repeat patients.

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