New Kaolin-based Toothpaste for High-end Dental Work

Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ is a new brand of oral care toothpaste using a special refined kaolin (a natural white clay) cleaning and polishing agent to produce a healthier-looking smile. The kaolin-based formula is a low-abrasion, stain-prevention/removal system for giving smiles a shine and luster that indicate a healthy mouth. 

Dentisse is a natural alternative to harsh, artificial chemical-based whiteners and polishers. It’s way to pamper your mouth the way you would pamper your skin, nails, and hair, filling the need for a more natural, luxury oral care product.

Kaolin clay is a highly purified and specially refined to produce flat-surfaced particles with microscopic ridges that polish teeth to a micro-smooth luster. Bentonite, another natural clay, is used in the formula to give the toothpaste its creamy consistency. The minty flavor comes from pure, natural peppermint oil.

To view the science behind Dentisse, demonstrating its ability to provide excellent stain removal, high polish, and low abrasiveness, click here.