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AACD Social Media Startup Guide

One of the most frequent questions we hear from members and their dental teams, “How do we get started in social media?”
It’s clear to everyone who pays even the slightest attention to the technology landscape that social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online communities—is a powerful way  to communicate and converse with your customers (patients) and connect with prospects. Consumers spend the vast majority of their time online, whether it's from their smartphone or iPad, or home computer. You have the power to reach this group!
Here are some resources and references we’ve gathered to help AACD members navigate the often confusing and sometimes intimidating world of social media.
Social Media For Dentists (by Infinity Dental Web)
social media icons
My Social Practice offers some Social Media 101 for dental professionals who are just getting started.
Getting Those Likes (by Infinity Dental Web). 
10 Ways Small Businesses Should Use LinkedIn
Our friends at Rosemont Media, an AACD Corporate Member, offer these suggestions:
  • Be prepared to participate - If your practice is going to have a successful Facebook page, it is imperative that you are involved to some degree. The more you put in, the more you will get out.
  • Don't outsource social media completely - Generic posts will not interest your audience. Facebook is personal, your page and posts need to relate to your practice and engage your patients and potential patients.
  • Hire a professional - Set up, page branding, administration, app use and installation, Facebook ads, etc. will all be more effective with the guidance of a professional. Look for a social media or internet marketing firm with a proven results within dentistry 

And some great get-started links:
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Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Superfans

In addition, Rosemont Media offers webinars that will help you to better understand the role of social media in your dental practice. Find out more here: