Going on a Dental Safari

In the remote African wilderness of Karatu, Tanzania, southeast of Lake Victoria and the famed Ngorongoro Crater, a dentist makes a visit to the Ganahko School and had villagers and children excitedly clamoring for toothbrushes, oral examinations, and dental care.

AACD President, Dr. Ron Goodlin of Aurora, Ontario, has spearheaded an effort to reach the villages and children in this far-flung region of Africa by treating them in the field, but hopes that soon, a dental clinic--the only one within hundreds of miles--will serve the people of Karatu.

Goodlin's objective is to attract dentists from Canada, the U.S., and Europe to spend a day or two at the clinic as they pass through Tanzania during safari vacations, as well as create an opportunity for dental students to visit and do some work there.

That’s what Goodlin did recently while in-country for a photo safari to pacify his passion for being behind the lens when he’s not behind a handpiece. Goodlin spent some time with children at a local Karatu school and taught them some oral hygiene basics, and he hopes to help many more at the dental clinic once that becomes a reality.

Click here to see the photo gallery of Goodlin’s “dental safari” with the schoolchildren of Karatu.