Congratulations to the Award Winners from the 2012 Annual Scientific Session in Washington, DC

2012 AACD Award and ElectionsAACD Excellence in Education Award
Dr. Thomas Berry

AACD Humanitarian Award
Dr. Phillip Kemp

AACD Rising Star Award
Dr. Nathaniel Hill

AACD Outstanding Service Award
Dr. J. Fred Arnold III

Lifetime Achievement Award
Mr. Carlos Puga

President’s Award
Dr. Mickey Bernstein
Dr. Akira Senda
Dr. Francis DuCoin

Give Back a Smile Award
Dr. Justin J. D'Abadie
Dr. Christopher Cantrell
Dr. Ross S. Headley
Dr. Paul Landman
Dr. Les Latner
Dr. Thomas Sims
Laboratory Award Recipients
Glidewell Laboratories
Orchid Dental Ceramics

Election Results at the Annual Membership Meeting, Washington, DC, May 4, 2012

Vice President – Board of Directors
Jack Ringer, DDS

Accredited Member – Board of Directors
Randall Burba, DMD
George Tysowsky, DDS

General Member – Board of Directors
Peter Auster, DMD
Pamela Doray, DMD

American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry
Jorge Blanco, DDS
Dwight Rickert, CDT
J.A. Reynolds, DDS

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
Nicholas Davis, DDS

See the full Board of Directors, American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Board of Trustees here.

Bylaw Amendments
Both proposed amendments passed. They are:

1. An addendum to Article IV, BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Standing Committees; Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, as an amendment to the bylaws:
A. A single alternate be appointed annually to the NALDC by the board of Directors for a one year term and
B. The alternate may be an Accredited or general member in good standing and
C. The alternate could fill any open seat that occurs on the committee for the remainder of that year and
D. In the event that more than one year is remaining on the term, a special election will be held at the Annual Membership meeting to fill the remainder of the term.

2. An addendum to the Article VIII-Officers, as an amendment to the bylaws:
The Elected officers of the Academy shall be the President, President-Elect and Vice President. The Vice President shall be elected annually at-large by a majority of the Members voting. All elected officers
• shall be Accredited Members who have served for not less than a full term of two years as a Director.
• or a full term of three years as a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry, and shall serve for one term of one year.
Any elected officer who serves six (6) or more months shall not thereafter be eligible for election to the same office.