Opening General Session

David Garber Maurice Salama

All conference attendees are invited to attend this special, Wednesday afternoon session featuring two of cosmetic dentistry’s biggest names and most influential educators!

Drs. David Garber and Maurice Salama will share the stage and present a powerful, dynamic, and memorable presentation that will leave you refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle any clinical challenge that comes your way.

Educational Overview

Any anterior restorative endeavor must entail the foundation of a beautiful soft tissue frame and the construction of harmony of the gingival scallop between restorations, adjacent dentition, and the border of the lip perimeter.

This presentation will focus on a defined algorithm for the interdisciplinary team of the restorative dentist, periodontist, and orthodontist to successfully reconstruct the soft tissue foundation for all restorative options. The diagnosis of deficiencies as well as varied treatment options will be discussed in detail. This includes periodontal crown lengthening, esthetic periodontal plastic soft tissue grafting procedures, and prescription adjunctive orthodontic tooth movement to manipulate the soft tissue foundation prior to, or subsequent to, implants, bridges, or pontic replacement.

Education Objectives

1. Learn the risk factors of anterior implant therapy.
2. Learn the four most important diagnostic components leading to a successful treatment design for an esthetic restoration.
3. Learn how and when to successfully incorporate minimally invasive protocols.