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How to Integrate Google and Direct Mail to Market Your Dental Practice
by Joy Gendusa

Dentists have been using direct mail for a long time. But with the Internet’s many search engines and ratings websites, more and more prospective patients are using the Internet to find dental services. Does this mean you should focus on online search engine marketing and forget direct mail?
No. You definitely shouldn’t drop direct mail from your marketing plan. It is still the No. 1 way to create awareness in your community about your practice. That said, search marketing is now a major way to market your dental services, and you need to know how to integrate both direct mail and search marketing if you want to make the most of your marketing budget.
Here are three steps to integrate your direct mail and search engine marketing:
1. Use postcards to drive traffic to your website
When individuals searche online for a dentist, they are faced with many choices. Even if your website has a high page ranking and even if your ad pops up at the top of the page, there’s still a chance your prospects may click on someone else’s site. BUT, if you send them a postcard with a tempting offer, you are bumped to the front of the line of dentists being considered. Once you have their attention, you can use postcards to send them directly to your website, avoiding all your competitors.
2. Have web forms collect information
Once individuals land on your website, you know they are interested. Now the trick is to turn them from a prospect into a lead ¾ and that means you must be able to contact them. You can offer a discount on services or a helpful newsletter in exchange for prospect contact information. People aren’t willing to give up their information without something in return, but most are willing to fill out a quick web form in return for something they consider valuable, like information or discounts. Once you have prospect information, you can follow-up with them using a series of preset emails and/or postcards and phone calls.
3. Enable Google Remarketing to follow up with prospects
What is Google Remarketing (and why are you losing money if you don’t enable it)? Simply put, prospects visiting your website who don’t fill out a form are no longer lost forever! Here’s how it works: when prospects visit your site, Google Remarketing remembers that and displays your “Remarketing” ad to the same prospects, wherever they go on the web, reminding them of their interest in your dental services.
Once you add the Google Remarketing script to your website, it will begin tracking visitors after they leave your site. If prospects haven’t taken the action you want (filled out a form, booked an appointment, etc.), Google will automatically show them your ad across the Google display network. This includes millions of sites, including big names like and and you pay only if they click on your ad, so you could potentially get hundreds of views and exposure for FREE.
The combination of direct mail and Google Remarketing will increase traffic to your website and raise awareness of your practice throughout your community. It also allows you to follow-up with those leads generated using the most cost-effective tools available: email and Remarketing. Using direct mail and online marketing, hand-in-hand, is the only way to maximize your marketing response and effectiveness. Using one without the other may leave gaps in your marketing plan and cause you to miss out on leads. When you integrate direct mail and online marketing, you benefit from the strengths of both and cover their potential weaknesses. This means a more effective marketing budget, more patients, and more revenue.
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Joy Gendusa is the owner and CEO of direct mail marketing firm, PostcardMania. Find Joy on Google+