A Conference Timeline from the Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
How can you pull off a successful Affiliate event? Take a look at some of the success stories from others! Taken directly from the ESCAD's manual, here's a timeline this AACD Affiliate uses to prep for conferences. Use this a guide for your own events!
6 months – 1 year before
Choose Speaker 
Choose date
Sign speaker contract
            Include: honorarium fee, date, video announcement, A/V needs
Make hotel arrangements
6 months before
Find out deadlines for Journals & societies
            AGD, NYS, CT, NJ, Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report
Line up sponsors
Get final lecture title & promotion info from speaker
4 months before
Design brochure including:
            Photo (speaker
            Our logo
            AGD logo & info
            Reply coupon
Get logos from sponsors for brochure (Gold and higher)
Place ads and/or notify journals and societies
3 months before
Mail brochures
Start e-mail blasts
            Every 2 weeks 1st month
            Every week last month
Contact sponsors regarding goody bag items and raffle prizes
Invoice all sponsors
Contact speaker regarding flight info and hotel
Reserve hotel rooms for speaker, requesting board members and extras for attendees
2 months before
            Dental Schools
Review/plan hotel menu (plan for kosher and vegetarian meals - # to be determined)
Make A/V arrangements
6 weeks - 1 month before
E-mail blasts every week
Remind sponsors about prizes and items to be included in bags.
Get AV needs from sponsors
Re-contact schools & residencies
Phone call anyone who hasn’t re-signed up
Contact speaker and confirm arrangements
            Flight, hotel and car service
            Confirm dinner night before with board members
Book car service for speaker
Get video for next speaker
Make & print next speaker sign up sheet
Get AGD credit code #
Find restaurant for post conference dinner meeting
2 weeks before
Get schools list of attendees
Print:    Sign up sheet
            Name tags
            Extra blank name tags
            Survey forms
AGD Evaluation forms
1st batch CE Credit forms
            Sponsor table cards
            Sponsor cards to be stamped for raffles
Finalize numbers with hotel

Last week
Print new name tags
Put together Goody Bags
Put together name tags
Give final numbers to hotel with names for Kosher meals
Print 2nd batch CE forms

Day before
Bring everything to hotel for storage
Meet with hotel regarding room layout
Finalize last minute details.

Game Day
Organize check in table
Check set up for sponsors
Trouble shoot during event


Other Responsibilities
Will gather all receipts, bank statements, and charge statements
Will make sure all 1099s are planned