Christian Hahn, DDS


Mickey Bernstein
Dr. Christian W. Hahn grew up in Germany and Orange County, California. He now lives in Prospect, KY, where he, his wife and 3 children enjoy the wide open spaces and friendly people. His passion for cosmetic dentistry led him to become one of only 260 Accredited (AACD) cosmetic dentists in the world. Ideal Dentistry now has the honor of being the only accredited cosmetic dental practice in the greater Louisville area!
His beautiful dentistry has been published internationally and was featured nationally on The Learning Channel (TLC). Patients seek out Dr. Hahn for the realism and natural beauty that his handcrafted smiles deliver. As much an artist as a dentist, Dr. Hahn created a whole new form of dentistry – Ideal Dentistry.
Over the past 10 years Dr. Hahn observed many patients and friends that were uncomfortable smiling, even after they had some cosmetic dentistry done somewhere else. Frankly, much of what is called cosmetic dentistry does not look very natural. How many dentists do not call themselves cosmetic dentists? Today, almost everybody is a cosmetic dentist, or does some cosmetic dentistry. This makes it difficult for patients to know the difference between cosmetic dentistry and truly natural looking beautiful cosmetic dentistry. If you have an accident and need many stitches on your face, would you go to a regular medical doctor or a plastic surgeon? If you were to restore your smile, which everybody sees every day, who would you chose?
Dr. Hahn wanted to deliver beautiful, long lasting smiles to his patients that looked so natural that a dentist would not be able to tell if it was real or not. Today Dr. Hahn does just that, having been published on this exact subject many times over the last few years. Please take a tour of our website, read some articles and see firsthand what Ideal Dentistry can do for you.
Dr. Christian W. Hahn exceeds the continued education requirement by the Kentucky Dental Association by several multiples, yearly. He attends the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry convention yearly, which alone satisfies the 2 year continued education requirement for Kentucky.
Dr. Hahn was a Trustee for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)’s Charitable Foundation for 3 years. Through this foundation Dr. Hahn helps provide new Smiles for survivors of Domestic Violence, at no charge. This year alone The GBAS (Give Back A Smile) program will provide over 1 Million dollars’ worth of treatment to survivors at no charge!
Dr. Hahn is an International Relations Committee member for the AACD which promotes the advancement of cosmetic dentistry through the AACD internationally. Dr. Hahn, being German, helped bring the AACD and their knowledge to Germany. This international relationship allows Dr. Hahn to stay on top of all the advancements worldwide in dentistry.