Xana Winans

Jenifer Wohlberg
With nearly 20 years of experience in dental and medical marketing, as well as extensive experience in financial services, education, consumer goods and more, Xana founded GPM in 2001. As a testament to her business acumen, a mere four years later, she was named by Governor Ed Rendell as one of Pennsylvania’s Best Women in Business in 2005.
Xana works directly with our doctors as well as our corporate clients, and also oversees all strategic planning and creative output in the agency. Renowned as an expert in the dental marketing industry, she is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, meetings, and other shows, offering a range of topics related to successful marketing for the dental and medical practice. Constant in her pursuit of excellence, she sets the standard for the entire team.
Xana is married to a talented cosmetic dentist, Dr. Larry Winans. Dr. Winans has served as a Senior Clinical instructor at LVI, and has lectured t dental groups across the country.