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Reach the world’s most progressive dentists on a weekly basis by advertising in eUpdate, the AACD’s weekly e-newsletter. Sent to all AACD members with e-mail access, eUpdate provides industry news and Academy happenings to members that they can’t get anywhere else.

eUpdate reaches an audience of more than 6,200 dental professionals each week, with open rates of more than 30%, which beat industry standards. Bonus: Open rates improve year-over-year!
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Rates (4 Issues per month) (all rates listed in USD)

Frequency Monthly Quarterly
Skyscraper $600 $1,500
Block $400 $900
* Includes hyperlink to advertiser URL and/or e-mail
AACD eUpdate
Material Specifications
Skyscraper: 125 pixels wide x 300 pixels tall
Block: 125 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall

Make sure there are no spaces in the file name.
Ex: AACD_eUpdate_skyscraper.jpg
Static ads only; no animation. File must be in GIF or JPG format, and no larger than 90KB.
E-mail materials to Jeff Roach.

Advertising Deadlines
eUpdate is distributed each Thursday. Materials are due a week before scheduled start date.