Branding is For All Labs 

by Dean Mersky

Many lab owners are happiest when spending the day making restorations and not with sales and marketing. If loaded with a full schedule of cases, every reason to avoid making sales calls rises to the surface. Is that ever a good idea? The simple answer is, no!
Any business that is not growing, is, or will be, shrinking. That's why so many lab owners come to a time when they lament, "All I need is one more account!" to replace the one or two they've lost.
Not being branded (and seen) in the marketplace as a viable option for services on a regular basis is the reason doctors go elsewhere. Here are some tips on how to make your brand stand out:
1. Be Noticed
The good news is that small labs don't have to compete nationally using expensive print ads. Instead, owners of small labs should compete in ways large labs can't.  Setting aside time to see a set number of dentists each week and acquire a targeted number of accounts each month is the best way to establish your brand presence without a large cash outlay. 
2. Deliver a Message
Identify a unique service that sets your laboratory apart from your competition. Most laboratories offer the same products with great margins and customer service. Instead, offer an expertise or customer experience that national and local competitors can't match. A well delivered unique message sells the brand and helps earn new business.
3. Seal the Deal
Develop and use dialogue skills that support every reason why a prospective client will want to give your lab an opportunity. Dialogue should be consistent with your brand, focused on the customer, and exude confidence. When all parts are present in your conversations doctors will have confidence in your brand promise.

The Branding Process is all about creating positive awareness that your dental laboratory exists.  To create and capture opportunity from the Branding Process, we need meaningful dialogue that sets us apart from our competition. As an expert, you promise great restorations and service. To help assure doctors you can deliver on your promises,  be an expert in conversations that:
  • Focus on the needs of the prospective customer
  • Utilize meaningful dialogue consistent with your Brand Promise
  • Demonstrate purpose, clarity, and confidence
Remember, branding works. It is the reason a little green lizard can sell over-priced car insurance without ever mentioning the product. Conversely, avoiding the Branding Process also speaks about your brand, but in less flattering ways. BE NOTICED, BE BRANDED!
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