Candidate Q&A

Steven Ghareeb, DDS
1.      I am applying for a second term on the AACD Board of Directors because I love this academy and what it stands for.  During the past two years on the board, my passion for our academy has grown, and I have become more motivated to continue to shape our future.  Since the first AACD annual meeting I attended, I realized this academy was something special that I wanted to be a part of at its highest level.  The AACD has changed the way I practice dentistry that has not only increased my fulfillment as a dentist, but has increased the standard of care I deliver to my patients as well.  My interaction with other AACD dentists has motivated me to pursue accreditation, which I am currently undergoing.  As a younger member of the Academy, I am excited and motivated to make the AACD relevant and inviting to a new generation of cosmetic dentists.
2A.     My leadership style in the boardroom has proven to be one that is characterized by active engagement and the ability to strive for consensus.   I am prepared for group meetings and discussions, evaluate all sides of the equation, and make timely, informed decisions for the betterment of the academy and its members.  I have a direct approach to tasks and give clear instructions and opinions, motivating fellow committee and board members by setting high expectations.  I have found that maintaining an approachable demeanor and compassionate attitude invites valuable peer input and feedback.
2B.         I have always had multiple projects going on at one time, whether they be professional, organizational, or personal.  Recently as chairman of the AACD Relevancy and Futures Committee, I have helped lead our academy in taking steps to prepare our academy for the future by thoroughly examining the current state of our industry and proposing concrete steps for us to take in order to stay relevant.  My involvement at the AGD has also proven to be an invaluable asset to our board when we have been faced with similar circumstances.  This sharing of ideas across different organizations has allowed us to be more efficient and increasingly wise in our decision making. 
2C.         I love the camaraderie of organized dentistry, however when conflict arises, I do not tolerate any bias or unethical behavior from myself or anyone around me.  The Academy needs to be held to the highest standard and beyond reproach at all times.  Any type of unethical behavior by leadership can not only cast a poor light on the Academy, but trickle down to membership, thus diluting the Academy’s reputation.  Good leaders don’t allow personal friendships to influence proper decision-making, and I am confident I have never allowed interpersonal relationships to affect my policy.  This has been evidenced in the fact that during my tenure on the board thus far, I have not positioned myself on a particular side of an issue according to who supports it or not.
3.                Even though I am of a younger generation, I have already been heavily involved in organized dentistry at local and national levels for many years.  I believe this allows me to better connect with both recent graduates and more seasoned leaders.  As adjunct faculty member of our state dental school, I am in charge of student programs designed to get them involved in organized dentistry after graduation.  Also, by owning and operating a high quality dental laboratory, I am able to provide a unique perspective to the Board.  Daily, I execute cosmetic dentistry from every angle and work closely with my ceramists.  This position allows me to appropriately evaluate and represent the needs of laboratory technicians within the Academy as well. 
4.                The Strategic Plan and Core Values of the AACD reflect exactly what I believe a high quality, progressive organization should focus upon.  These are the same values I practice every day both in my private dental practice and my role as a volunteer leader within our profession.  These shared values are evidenced by my continual research and integration of the latest dental technology, my involvement with multiple charitable organizations, and the growth I have cultivated for the AACD on the local level by starting our State’s Affiliate.  During my travels, I foster relationships with local dental professionals and have helped start two missionary dental clinics in Kenya and Lebanon.  Having the AACD realize their global obligation is a major goal of mine and is critical to promote our consistent branding.  Through chairing our Relevancy and Futures Committee, I have also played an active role in evaluating our mission statement and core values, and have proposed ways of keeping them applicable to the current dental climate.
5.                I believe very strongly that the AACD leadership should stay connected with our members-at-large, and have participated in our efforts in “membership linkage.”  Failure to do so is a great disservice to our membership, and is an essential component to being an effective leader.  I support increased involvement of AACD members that are not currently in leadership, and becoming more engaged during the annual session as well as throughout the year can also help foster new leaders.
6.                Over the years I have cultivated healthy media relationships and have proven myself to be an effective spokesperson for organized dentistry.  This particular skill set has enabled me to successfully use the latest technology and traditional methods of marketing to champion the cause of our profession.  I am very eager and motivated to continue being a part of the AACD and its leadership, and I am very grateful to have served.