Candidate Q&A
Quint Whipple, CDT
1.      I am applying for this position for several reasons. I love the profession that I have chosen and believe that for advancement to happen in our field, continued education is a essential.  Education is not only important to the clinician but essential to the technician as well.  These two branches optimally need to be completely aligned to function at its highest potential.  I believe that the bridge between the worlds of the Clinician and Laboratory Technician have to be strong.  There must be a cohesive team effort.  I believe I can offer a piece to that puzzle.
The passion that I have for the dental field started when I was 15 years old.  I had dreams of being an Orthodontist from the time my neighbor introduced me to the occupation and I started out making his study models for his patients as a freshman in college at Brigham Young University.  I left for a two year LDS Mission to Portugal and then returned to Arizona to finish my education and apply to dental school.  My idea was to work in the laboratory to understand that side of things and how I would eventually communicate and work with a lab.  I also, felt that it would make me a better dentist by understanding what the laboratory needed from me as a clinician and how it would help the lab and I achieve the final desired goal.   So I worked in an orthodontic laboratory for a nearly two years and then changed to a dental laboratory while studying Biology in the Pre-Dental department at Arizona State University until graduation in 1997.  I went to school full-time and worked full-time to pay for my education and begin raising my family at the same time.  After applying to dental schools, I decided to take an opportunity in Las Vegas that allowed me to further my career as a technician.  Eventually I opened my own lab and have continued my love of dentistry here.  I had the opportunity to attend LVI and find out what was really possible in dentistry and how I could contribute.  This is where I began attending the AACD scientific sessions and began to realize what route in this profession I wanted to take.
My experiences at LVI included attending courses at LVI taught by established dental technicians, dental professional classes and having the opportunity to help assist in dozens of Advanced CE courses.  I found that the instruction of both dentist and technician is crucial to the greater success.  While working with Ron Jackson in the courses he instructed at LVI,  I learned even more the dynamic results that can happen when both the clinician and the technician are on the same page, communicate well with each other and work as a team.  This comradery fuels my desire to create as natural a restoration and desired result as possible.
2.      I have a hands-on approach style and am a people person.  I helped run a lab while living in Las Vegas, Las Vegas esthetics, and ran the LVI courses through the lab, both in fabrication and in assisting the attending clinician with the work in the operatory at prepping and final seat.  I always brought a diagnostic wax-up to the prep and helped collaborate with the doctor (and patient) on the prep design, proper impression techniques and the final restorative style of teeth.  I would then fabricate the restorations and return to assist in the seating process.  This has given me a great opportunity to see how clinicians have different techniques in style and procedure and how I, as a technician, can alter my methods to help each doctor in the restoring process to simplify their efforts.  I understand what it takes to make the restoration look natural and communicate with the clinician so together we can satisfy the patient with a beautiful smile.  I thrive on this communication style and always enjoy the opportunity to work hands-on with my clients in their offices.  I encourage each of my clients to allow me to fabricate a case in their office, at least once, so I can see how their individual style can be blended with how I fabricate and deliver the restorative case.  It gives me the opportunity to know my client, their team members, and sometimes even their families.  I enjoy knowing my clients, not just as a number on a lab slip but as a member of their team.
It is imperative that a bridge between the clinician and the technician be strong and balanced.  In turn it is important that the relationship with the board be equally bridged to the members of the AACD.  It takes a hands-on approach to relate to members and help them in their journey to greater success.  There are so many different schools of thought, such as occlusion, that have to be bridged to have a cohesive Academy.  I work with multiple clinicians whose theories are different from each other but we achieve great results with each.  I do not believe that anything positive is accomplished by tearing down different theories, but that it is possible to learn from each other and strive to better the dental profession in its entirety.  There is nothing greater than participating in an objective and having people come together to accomplish great things.  I believe my people oriented style makes bridging gaps easier.
3.      As stated before, I have worked at hands-on courses since 1997 at LVI and have participated also at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry.  I have learned from clinicians and patients.  I have helped teach doctors in ways that can help solve problems they encounter.  I teach technicians techniques and skills such as color, photography, contouring, design and building techniques.  I frequently help my client’s case plan for their patients on the phone, in my office or in the dentist’s office.  This opportunity gives me the chance to teach new bite techniques, photography tips, impression helps and prepping skills by forging relationships of trust, communication and friendship.  I appreciate good teaching and hope to reciprocate where I have something to offer.  My goal is to continue to enhance this relationship between doctor and technician to obtain mutual success and patient health.
4.      I believe that the advancement of the AACD’s goals can be achieved simultaneously as I pursue Accreditation and excellence in the science of cosmetic dentistry and artistry.  I believe it would also be achieved as I forge relationships with other members to help them achieve their potential.  I have aligned myself with this academy because I believe in its goals, principles, artistry and the desire to help all to achieve the highest goals in cosmetic and esthetic dentistry.  I believe in dentists who have the same vision as I do, that of beautiful and esthetic results with high ethical standards.  This is why I want to advance this philosophy of doing the best possible for patients who, in reality are you and I...our family and friends.  My time spent in training, teaching and most importantly learning along with my desire to achieve the acme of dentistry is, I believe, in harmony with the principles of the AACD.  I believe that this can and will help me to achieve the higher goals I have set for myself and become a help to all members of the Academy and the dental profession.
5.      I want to be able to share the knowledge I have along with what I will surely learn with all those who seek to find greater happiness and success in this profession.  I love to share skill sets with others and help in whatever ways that I can.  I do not see the value in gaining knowledge and understanding and not sharing it with others.  When working in live patient courses I was able to share my knowledge with the clinician and patient and they were able to share their knowledge with me.  The results were always great; a patient smiling and crying with joy, the clinician ecstatic with the outcome and technician smiling and happy over a great achievement.  I have learned a lot over the years and believe that I have a lot to offer others and would like to be a part of an organization that is looking to serve not only the doctor, but the team, patient and technician.  The board and members both, have tales to tell and skills to share.  There needs to be a place where all can have a venue to collaborate, learn, enjoy and share the skills that each have with others and thus propelling us all forward to our ultimate goals.
6.      In conclusion, it is my pursuit of excellence and the desire to raise the level of education among technicians towards a comparable level of clinicians that drives me.  It can be difficult to find quality CE to attend where the technician is fulfilled the same way as the dentist.  This can leave the dentist frustrated if his technician can’t collaborate in a mutual way.  I have taken the majority of my continuing education from dentist geared courses so I can understand what the dentist needs and techniques of dentistry from the clinician side.  I enjoy learning and teaching these new skills.  I still believe I have much to learn and do not believe I have all the answers to every dental technician dilemma.  If I were to participate on the board, I would surely draw from my experience, but would most certainly look outside myself for the many things I still have yet to learn.  I look forward to being able to work with those on the board and all members alike in achieving the highest quality of life, business satisfaction and ethics as part of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.