What Women Want: Telling Her What She Really Wants to Hear

by Xana Winans

Understanding how to market to women is crucial—especially in dentistry. Today, more and more women are making the majority of purchasing decisions—not just cars and food, but for services like health care. In fact, women are responsible for making about 80% of health care decisions. More importantly, when selecting a health care provider, women are not only choosing for themselves, but for their husbands, their children and sometimes even their parents as well. With one individual making the decision for so many other people, this is one demographic you can’t afford to ignore.

The female genetic make-up of the double XX chromosome makes women more likely to respond positively to promotions or materials that trigger their emotions. This can either be through a story, testimonial or powerful pictures. If you can provide your female demographic with something they can relate to and that pulls on their heartstrings, such as a photo of a family enjoying each other’s company, they are much more likely to remember you and seek more information.

It’s a five letter word that packs a whole lot of meaning. Once you attract females to you and your practice, it’s essential that you build trust. Trust is important with all of your patients, but even more so with women. Do this in your practice by delivering what you promise in your marketing. If you talk about running on time, make sure that you never run late. If you market painless
injections, talk to her to ensure she is relaxed and comfortable before, during and after the injection. Once you earn her trust, the possibilities are endless.

Women talk—a lot. So when she’s in your office, don’t talk at her, talk with her. Make notes in her chart of any social topics that you discussed in your last visit, so you can start her next visit by asking about her mother, her oldest child in college, etc. That personal touch tells her you are listening, which creates a relationship bond with your practice.

And more importantly for you, women trust what other women tell them. If you can successfully get your female patients to refer your practice to her friends, extended family, co-workers, mechanic or anyone else she knows, the word of how great you are will spread like wildfire.

Now more than ever, women’s lives are multifaceted, demanding and complex. Time is precious. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Do you offer services that revolve around the idea of convenience and saving time? Let her know! Cerec, digital x-rays, early or late office hours—all of these items show respect for her time. Always value her time and strive to stay on schedule. When developing your marketing plan, and while building patient relationships, intentionally reach out and focus on women.

This important segment of your market is critical to increasing new patient numbers, creating a solid reputation and, ultimately, growing your practice. And so you don’t forget to follow any of these tips for reaching your female market, keep them stored safely in your marketing handbag…er, toolbox.