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APEX Fuels Dental Students With Inspiration, Motivation
MADISON, Wis. (5/6/13)—Marquette University dental student Tara Ferris had never been to an AACD annual meeting before, let alone traveled west of the Rocky Mountains. But the experience she received at AACD 2013 in Seattle left her inspired and motivated to start her dental career.
“Having returned, I can confidently say it tops out as one of the best, if not best, experiences of my dental career thus far,” she said.
The APEX scholarship provides promising dental students with the chance to attend AACD’s annual conference at no charge. This year, students had the opportunity to attend the 29th Annual AACD Scientific Session in Seattle April 24-27. The event offered students an interdisciplinary approach to cosmetic dentistry education, with lectures and hands-on workshops, social events, and networking opportunities.
Winners included:
Tara Ferris, Marquette University School of Dentistry 
William Guthrie, University of Maryland – Baltimore College of Dental Surgery 
Wojciech Kobylinski, Medical University of Warsaw 
Brandon Murphy, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Robert Patton, University of Missouri – Kansas City Dental School 
Trent Tobler, University of Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine
Kyle Danielson, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
Maxime Lucas, University of Paris
Nicholas Norvell, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Jacob Bateman, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Ferris’ personal experience with cosmetic dentistry ignited her interest in the profession years ago. “My time at the AACD Scientific Session left me inspired and motivated for my future career in this spectacular field of dentistry. Everyone at the session was friendly and eager to share his or her experiences with me! Having the opportunity to meet talented dentists from across the country as well as receiving exposure to products and techniques outside of the dental school curriculum was refreshing and exciting!”
Since returning to school, Ferris has not stopped raving about her experience in Seattle.
“I would highly recommend the AACD Scientific Session to any dental student looking to enhance their knowledge in the field of esthetic dentistry. How many dental students' can say they've learned from specialists such as Fahl, Kois, and Spear? The wealth of knowledge I acquired is immeasurable and I am already looking forward to next year! I had never been to the AACD's Annual Session before, but I can say without a doubt I will be back.  Orlando has already made its way onto my calendar for next year; two weeks before graduating with that DDS!”

Dental student Will Guthrie said he learned techniques that he plans to use to treat his own patients.
“I learned several new composite techniques and principles of smile design and occlusion at the meeting, which I am excited to use to treat my own patients,” Guthrie said. “Many dentists stressed the importance of doing the best you can for every patient. They said that there will be failures, and new research will continue to change some of the things we do—but if you can say you did the best you could at that time for every patient, you will have a successful and rewarding career as a dentist. I thought that was great advice, especially for somebody just entering the profession.”
“It was a great time for me,” said Wojciech Kobylinski from the University of Warsaw in Poland. “I participated in many fantastic lectures and experienced unforgettable atmosphere during AACD meeting. I am so proud of being part of this community!”
AACD is currently ramping up for next year’s scholarship program. For more information, visit:
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