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Counterfeit Dental Products Pose Danger to Dental Professionals
Saving money is almost always a good thing when it comes to running a successful business. However, dental practices should be aware of the potential dangers when purchasing products from a discount platform.
According to a recent Dr. Bicuspid article, "The difficulties of regulating online marketplaces mean that buyers often run the risk of purchasing counterfeit and potentially hazardous products. There are many dangers for dentists here. If they use seemingly cheaper yet lower quality products, such as disposable gloves, surgical sponges, or mixing tips; there is a greater likelihood of failure; and any supposed savings soon disappear.

In many cases, products show defects before they have even been used, but these defects cannot be seen when buying online:

  • Gloves are too thin or have holes.
  • Mixing tips are incompatible with their cartridges.
  • Surgical sponges are not sterile due to defective packaging.

The use of these products can also jeopardize patient health:

  • Gloves tear in the patient's mouth.
  • Mixing tips break off from cartridges when cements are applied in the mouth.
  • The surgical sponge string comes loose during removal from the patient's mouth."

AACD Members can avoid these pitfalls by purchasing products from trusted sources. The AACD offers members the opportunity to purchase products from Dental Health Products Inc. (DHPI) through the AACD Buying Power program. DHPI and AACD have partnered to offer members a 15% discount on supplies, in addition to 20% off on Health-Tec products.

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