Give Back a SmileSuccess Story

Lisa's Story

AACD member and Give Back a Smile (GBAS) volunteer Dr. Karen Glerum of Boynton Beach, Florida, was referred Lisa through the GBAS program. Lisa survived severe abuse from her ex-husband. She describes in her own words, the final incident:
“I knew if I did not get away from him I would die. I grabbed a piece of wood by the front door and hit him with it and I ran. He got up and chased me with a crow bar in his hands; needless to say by the time he caught me, he gave me the beating of a lifetime. When it was happening all I heard was bones breaking, teeth crunching and him screaming how I had made him do this to me. I knew I was being hit but I felt no pain; it was like a nightmare. I awoke in the hospital with ER doctors. I was admitted and stayed in the hospital for 4 days. My face was hurt so much I couldn’t bring myself to look at it. I knew it was all over for him and me.  I thank the sheriff’s department for all their help. I pressed charges against him and he was charged with attempted manslaughter. He is still serving time now.” 

Dr. Glerum and a team of generous volunteers went above and beyond to restore Lisa’s smile.  Dr. Glerum reports that Lisa was an inspiration throughout the entire smile restoration process.  She traveled a distance while maintaining a positive attitude and is extremely grateful. 



Dr. Glerum and Lisa
Lisa has now dedicated her life to helping other victims and has founded Alpha and Omega Freedom Ministries to help those who have experienced violence.

GBAS thanks Lisa for sharing her story and the dedicated and generous team that contributed to her restored smile.
Acknowledgements: Smile restoration team consisted of Karen Glerum, DDS, Hennessy Dental Laboratory, Russell A. Gornstein, DDS and Nobel-Biocare.    
*GBAS guidelines only allow for the repair/restoration of dental injuries within the smile-zone. It is the volunteer dentist’s discretion to treat beyond the smile-zone.