Getting People to Join Your Affiliate: Marketing Tips

Once your Affiliate has been established, it’s time to find some members. The AACD has an Affiliate directory on its website, along with an Affiliate CE calendar. Individual affiliates can also promote themselves locally with e-mail, videos, or printed materials.
The Empire State Academy (ESACD) uses e-mail blasts to its members so that they can advertise upcoming events.
“We use Smile Reminder to send email blasts. Since many of us already use SR in our practices this was very familiar to us. There was a one-time set-up fee of $99 at the time we did it. They put our banner as a header – we are currently changing it – and help me add photos etc. as needed. We have a distinct user name and password so it does not interfere with anyone’s practice as it is its own entity. They helped us upload the data into the system. We add names as we get them. One potential drawback is that these emails can go into the spam folder so the list does have to be cleaned up periodically. This is true no matter what system you use. “ –Robin Santiago, ESACD
Other affiliates have found success in reaching out to dental professionals beyond their state or local area. Here’s some tips from Rhonda Mullins of the Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry:
1. Don't limit your influence just to your state. Collaborate with the AACD in having them send out emailing campaigns to members in your area that can help draw in leaders and interested National Members to lead the new organization the first two years.  
2. Create a Video Email Campaign to send out to your state dental association that will invite, inform and instruct interested parties to your Affiliate Website to register and begin to participate.  Be sure to List the benefits of being an Affiliate Member and AACD member.
3. Set up automated emailing, registration and information messaging through your website to minimize vulnerability in changing board members.