Reducing Expenses: Facilities, Honoraria Considerations

Some affiliates have been successful with reducing expenses for education events by finding speakers who donate their time instead of accepting an honorarium, or by using local partners’ facilities at no charge.
“We do four quarterly meeting/year after hours from 7:00 – 9:00 and we cater a dinner for our quarterly meetings from 6:00 – 7:00.  This creates better attendance and it is easier to find speakers for a reasonable honorarium. 
“We have a biannual annual full day meeting every other year to save costs and headaches.  This is how we launched our local Academy.  Our first full day meeting had 4 speakers (all board members) donating their time so no honorariums were paid.  During the year we have 4 quarterly meetings                                                                                    
“Find a dental company that will let you use their facility for after hour’s meetings.  We have used 2 different companies and both allowed us to use their facility free of charge….that is a big savings!  If there aren’t any, try a periodontist’s office or prosthodontist’s office that may extend the same courtesy.” – Nick Davis, OCACD
“Partner with a local business partner – we partner with Straumann- whose facility you can use at no or nominal fee which helps to keep costs down when your group is small or starting out. We found a one day meeting went better than a 2 day meeting.”—Robin Santiago, NEACD
“Instead of doing a large catered lunch/dinner we a lot of times serve cold sandwiches, chips, drinks, and offer coffee, juice, bread products & fruit in the morning, all which can be bought in bulk from a retailer like SAM’s club. We usually have similar things at each meeting so our members know what to expect & the menu is easy for our executive director.” --Kellee Stanton, MACD