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Dr. Paul Homoly to Host AACD Educators Academy 

Dental professionals desiring to become successful dental educators should consider attending the AACD Educators Academy, hosted by Dr. Paul Homoly Nov. 7-9 at the Westin O'Hare in Chicago.

The workshop is designed to help professionals develop stronger leadership skills while also eliminating stage fright. The three-day workshop is organized as follows:

Day One

Day One focuses on presentation design and the foundational principles of adult learning and instructional design. Important distinctions are made among the various methods of education, lecturing, training, and facilitating.

Topics Include:

The Spectrum of Appeal™ – Assemble presentations in half the time with twice the impact

Peak, then Point™ – Synchronize your most interesting moments with your most important content

The Focus/Fear Cycle™ – Learn to avoid presentation anxiety (stage fright) and become comfortable in front of any audience

Day Two

Day Two is about practicing techniques that will improve your speaking style and delivery.

Topics Include:

StorySelling® – Practice the five steps to telling great stories, making your message compelling and unforgettable

The Speech of 25™ – Experience a simple method for rehearsing your presentations giving it a natural look, sound, and feel

A Picture and a Thousand Words™ – Learn, in two short minutes, a method that ensures you’ll never forget what to say

Day Three

Day Three puts it all together – intelligent presentation instructional design combined with a compelling interesting delivery. Each attendee will deliver a short presentation that will be video recorded for the attendees review.

For more information, or to register. click here.