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AACD Remembers Past President Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans

The AACD remembers Past President and Accredited Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans, who died Aug. 1. Dr. Golub-Evans will be honored at AACD 2014 in Orlando.

Dr. Golub-Evan's contributions to the AACD were plentiful. In addition to serving as president, Dr. Golub-Evans was a fine artist and created the AACD's Celebration of Excellence Statuette. 

He practiced at the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in New York, NY, and was the founding president of the New York Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Jeff Morley, AACD co-founder, shared his thoughts about Dr. Golub-Evans:
"He was admired and loved by many. Jeff's contribution to the development and 'soul' of the AACD is immeasurable and transcends his many accomplishments."

To see a video of Dr. Golub-Evan's work to create the statuette, click here. 

Thoughts from leadership regarding Dr. Golub-Evans:
“Jeff was unique among our AACD colleagues with his love of art and application to esthetic dentistry. He was shared his skill with generosity and kindness like so many other AACD friends. Jeff, you will be truly missed.”
--Mickey Bernstein, Past President
“Jeff Golub-Evans was my first contact with the AACD. I heard him speak in San Antonio in the early nineties and he encouraged me then to join the AACD and pursue Accreditation. I know that he reached out to many others as well and greatly influenced many lives. His legacy will live on...”
--Susan Hollar, DDS, FAACD, Member of the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry 
“I am sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Golub-Evans. I met him and his family at the Dallas meeting and although I didn't know him well, you could tell he had a passion for his family, the Arts, dentistry, and the AACD. His legacy will live on within the Academy for years to come. My sincere condolences to his wife and daughter. May the many comments we all leave comfort them in their time of loss.”
 --Dwight Rickert, Accredited Member, Board of Directors
“It was with shock and sadness that I read of Jeff's passing. Jeff brought a theatrical and artistic sensibility to cosmetic dentistry which he also applied to his activities within the Academy. He truly put the 'art' into the art and science of dentistry. He was also generous with his time and knowledge. His passing is a great loss to the Academy and dentistry.”
--Ken Glick, DDS, FAACD, Past President
"To all my friends and colleagues,
I've had a heavy heart all day after hearing the passing of one of our greatest of all time in cosmetic dentistry.  Jeff was one of the most inspiring persons in my professional growth as a cosmetic dentist.  He emphasized to me the importance of approaching our work from an artistic point of view.  To this day I use many of these artistic principles in my work on a daily basis.  I will always remember his passion for the AACD and compassion for his work.  This is a great loss to our sincere condolence to his family.  I'm glad to hear that we will celebrate his life in Orlando." 
--Wynn Okuda, Past President
"To all,
I just received the shocking news about Jeff's passing. He will be missed by his friends and colleagues in the AACD, our profession as a whole, and especially by his family. With sadness and respect,"
Jack Ringer, DDS, AACD President

“I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jeff.  He was admired and loved by many. To the extent that you can determine more details, would you please forward them along to the rest of us. Jeff's contribution to the development and "soul" of the AACD is immeasurable and transcends his many accomplishments.
My first reactions are shock and grief and I am hoping over the next few months that we, as an Academy, can pay proper tribute to the life of Jeff, in our Journal and at the Orlando meeting. AACD has lost one its ‘Great Ones’."
--Jeff Morley, DDS, AACD co-founder

“I too am shocked and saddened.  What an amazing man and dentist.  I didn’t have the opportunity to know him the way many of you have and I could never express myself as well as you all have, but my feelings are as close to yours as they can be.”
--Larry Addleson, DDS, Past President
“This is a shock and a loss to us all. I did not know he was ill.  Politics aside he was a good friend to aesthetic dentistry and the AACD. I will remember him fondly.“
--Paul Landman, DDS, Past President, FAACD
“Aloha. I was looking at Jeff's picture last night in one of the current journals and reminised what an artistic, skills and charming person he is. Jeff always sat next to me at board meetings and was never shy to ask for suggestions and to assist him during those early (1990) board meetings. Even at times when we agreed to disagree, he was cortial and never mean. I am sad that he has passed.  Thanks you Jeff Golub (Evans) for all you have contributed to mankind and how you have touched my life.”
--Daniel T. Mayeda, DDS, Past President, FAACD
“He was always kind and generous with his wisdom, encouragement, and support. A giant in this life. Deepest condolences to his family."
--J.A. Reynolds, AAACD, American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry
“We have suffered a great loss for our Academy. Jeff was a unique person and talent who inspired many of toward towards greater plateaus of accomplishment. As a student and friend, I feel a terrible void and gain an even greater perspective on how fragile life is. Bless you all and celebrate Jeff.”
--Hugh Fax, Past President
“Unbelievable. What a shock! Jeff was a true artist at heart. Kiki and I loved talking art with Jeff in every form imaginable.  In that same way he was also a big supporter of the AACD art show and only recently approached Kiki to help him revive it. Always positive and supportive. He will be missed immensely. It has been a joy and wonderful experience to have known him. Wishing his family and friends comfort and peace at this time.”
--Nicholas C. Davis DDS, Past President
“How do you measure the loss of JG-E (as some of us called him)? For me, personally, it was both frightening and illuminating.  It does bring a sense of one's own mortality, but more importantly, it was illuminating because you start to think about Jeff, your relationship with him, and some of the things he helped accomplish for the Academy.   When Jeff was president, I was his president-elect and we worked closely during those early years.  He was very creative, with his eye on life's realities. He recognized early on the need to make the Academy an international organization with name recognition.  He worked tirelessly to share with the Academy all of his ‘Fifth Avenue’ marketing contacts to expand our reach.  He always encouraged people to join and was the first in our Academy to hatch the idea of a global reach in connecting with other ancillary groups, both in and out of dentistry.  Sometimes, time blurs accomplishments but Jeff was responsible for these things.  He was an influential member of our Academy and contributed significantly to its greatness.  He will be missed.”
--Sid Markowitz, Past President
“Although I have not had the honor of working with Dr. Golub-Evans personally, it is evident he has made a positive impact on everyone’s life in some sort of fashion or manner. Dr. Golub-Evans set a shining example of a life well lived and loved. May he rest in peace knowing it touched many lives for the better and knowing his legacy will continue on making a positive example for others.” 
--Trish Jones, Board of Trustees Chair
“Jeff Golub-Evans was a dear friend, a mentor, a talented artist and an incredibly kind and giving man. His talent and passion touched many, and he will be missed. One of my fondest memories I have of Jeff was during the time we spent together while the statuette was being designed and created. He was quite honored to be asked if he would be the artist, and it was amazing to see the detailed and thoughtful approach he took to every aspect while creating her. Every element of the design had meaning...and his creativity was simply a beautiful gift to all of us. It was an honor he took seriously, and the end result is something our Academy can treasure and will be forever grateful. Along with so many friends and our AACD family, I feel blessed to have known him.”
--Laura Kelly, Past President
“Jeff brought passion, skill and dedication to all that he loved. His unbridled creativity was the key to his success both in the art world and in cosmetic dentistry.  He was an outstanding clinician, emotion-generating artist, masterful marketer, tireless advocate, and guru and mentor to so many of us.  His accomplishments from silk-wrapping to Broadway to designing our award trophy will be parts of his legacy.  Jeff's leadership, friendship and love will be missed, but he will always be remembered by his colleagues, his students, and his family here at the AACD.”
--Marty Zase, Past President
“He will be sorely missed by all of us at the office and by so many of the smiles he's created and lives' impacted, and by his colleagues and peers. I thank you dearly for your efforts here to honor our special man I've learned so much from in my many years in practice with him.“
--Emanuel Layliev, DDS