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Sponsored Emails
Grab the attention of AACD members through dedicated email blasts!

Note: This opportunity is limited and sold out completely in 2014!

Low Frequency = High Value
Sent once per month, AACD sponsorship emails allow advertisers to reach members directly through a single email (roughly 6,400).

Dedicated Messaging
Your content will be the sole information for that email, so there’s no chance of your message “getting lost”.

Quality Distribution
With open rates averaging 30% and click through rates averaging 10%, this is an opportunity you can’t ignore.

sponsored email

PRICE = $3,000 (USD) EACH

1 sponsorship email opportunity per month starting 2014  (limit 4 per year for any one client)

How It Works
The AACD will send a broadcast email to members on your behalf. You can include original, branded artwork and links to your website or social media platform. The AACD will provide statistics following the e-blast that include the number of recipients, open rates and click-thru’s which will provide you with immediate results.

There are only 12 total sponsorships available so orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. A maximum of four emails are allowed annually per organization/company.


  • Supply a Subject Line
  • Size: 650 pixels wide maximum
  • Send html file with separate images and graphics (JPG or GIF format, no larger than 130KB each)
  • Make sure there are no spaces in all file names Ex: AACD_sponsor_header.jpg
  • Use inline styles/tables (not CSS); No Flash or javascript; animated GIF’s are accepted
Email materials to

Materials are due 10 working days before scheduled delivery month. Schedule all emails in advance with Jeff Roach.
Disclaimer: Due to the many email clients and browsers, we cannot guarantee and are not liable for how email is rendered in all email clients or mobile devices. The specifications we have set, however, maintain the AACD’s highest email quality standards.