Karen Cortel-Reisman, BS

Karen Cortel Reisman
Karen Cortel-Reisman has spoken in 34 states, Canada, Germany, and China; she once stood up to give a speech and her skirt fell down.
Even though she’s coached many dentists on presentation skills, has written columns for Woman Dentist Journal & Dentistry IQ, and is the author of two books; she was rejected as her high school valedictorian due to a B in Home Economics because her blueberry muffins were lumpy and leaning to the left.
And, even though she’s spoken at the Yankee, Chicago Midwinter, The Texas Meeting, Pankey Institute, Star of the North, Pacific Northwest Meeting, and Southwest Dental meetings (among others!); her assistant had to show her how to charge her aging camera.
Karen has one bachelor’s degree, one master’s degree, one cow named Bliss, one daughter, one son, and one husband.