What Should a Cosmetic Dentist Blog About?

by Joy Gendusa, CEO, Postcard Mania

Business blogs are quickly becoming one of the most essential tools in a small business owner’s marketing belt. It’s right there next to direct mail and delivering an incredible product (or service). For a cosmetic dentist, potential clients are searching the internet trying to find out how to get a better smile through whitening, good dental hygiene, etc. If you have a blog for your practice, each post represents another opportunity to show potential clients that you are a true expert who is passionate about helping them.
Of course, the biggest question for dentists getting into blogging is, “What do I write about?” Here’s some guidance on creating content your audience will love.
The 3 Most Effective Types of Cosmetic Dental Practice Blog Posts
1) The “Trust Me. I’m an Expert” Post
One of the most important marketing goals of any business no matter how big or how small is establishing trust with their prospects. You can use your blog to establish trust with prospective clients by publishing educational, prospect-centered blog posts.
Here are a few examples for your industry:
“3 Ways to Get a Whiter Smile”
“5 Foods and Drinks That Are Staining Your Teeth”
“Veneers and Bonding: What They Can Do For Your Smile and Your Well-Being”
Your prospective clients are searching Google to find this kind of information. When you publish blog posts about these topics, you can attract them to go to you for the answer. When they see that you are a cosmetic dentist who really knows your stuff, and comes across as compassionate and prospect-focused, they begin to trust your advice. Once they trust you, they feel comfortable making an appointment to have you take care of whatever problem they are having.
2) The Holiday Post
Holidays are an easy way to produce relevant content that prospects want to read. A great example is a post that discusses the benefits of a professional teeth whitening versus home remedies, then offers a special Valentine’s Day deal for teeth whitening. People are already thinking about Valentine’s Day and how they want to look their best. They’ll read a post about how much better professional whitening is, and make the appointment so they have a great smile for Valentine’s Day.
3) The “Get to Know Me” Post
Building trust is also about letting people get to know you as a person. Why do you do what you do? Where are you from? What’s your favorite tooth-friendly treat? A more personal post like this can show prospects the human side of your practice. It helps them form a personal connection with your practice. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: People do business with other people, not companies. And let’s face it, you are going to have your fingers in their mouth. As far as business goes, it doesn’t get a whole lot more personal than that!
Now you have some ideas for your own blog content, and it is time to get writing, and watch the improvements your blog brings to your marketing and practice revenue!
About Joy Gendusa:
Joy Gendusa is the owner and CEO of marketing firm, PostcardMania. For more information, visit www.postcardmania.com.