David Hall, DDS

David Hall
David Hall, DDS  has an interesting combination of skills. Besides being one of the first 40 dentists to earn his AACD accreditation, back in 1990, he was also one of the first dentists to begin marketing his practice on the Internet. He launched his private practice website in 1995, publishing it himself, and began learning search engine optimization before the word was even invented and two years before Google was launched.
His private practice website gained a huge amount of traffic from all over the world, and it attracted patients from a three-state area.
Then, in 2006, he was talking with a colleague on the phone. She had practiced around the corner from him in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but had now moved to Chicago and was opening up a practice in Naperville. “Dave,” she said, “I need a website. Why don’t you do a website for me?” His first reaction was that it was an off-the-wall request, but then decided it would be fun to try that, so he accepted. He shortly got her ranked #1 for key search terms like Naperville cosmetic dentist, Naperville Invisalign, Naperville porcelain veneers, and other terms. So he decided to let some of his AACD colleagues know that he was available to help them with their websites, and several of them decided to use his services.
After toying with this for a couple of years, he began to realize that he had an entirely different approach to Internet marketing from anyone else in the dental website business. He had a better understanding of dentistry, a deeper understanding of search engine optimization, a flair for marketing, and an appreciation for the needs of dentists that no one else in the industry seemed to have. So he decided to launch his own Internet marketing company. He moved to the Phoenix area and incorporated Infinity Dental Web in early 2009. His company is built around the philosophy that “we will worry about your Internet marketing for you.” It is distinguished by being a pioneer in every phase of Internet marketing, from cutting-edge search engine optimization, understanding the mobile website market, highly effective social media marketing, and online reputation management.