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Second Annual Race for Smiles Raises $5,000 

The second annual Race for Smiles, which was held Oct. 6 at Vilas Park in Madison, Wis., raised $5,000 for Give Back a Smile. Roughly 80 participants completed the 5K in Madison, and participated in a silent auction to benefit GBAS afterward. Some participants also chose to donate items for the local Madison domestic violence shelter, Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS).

Runners and walkers in Madison were joined in spirit by 40 others, who chose to participate in the virtual Race for Smiles, allowing them a chance to run or walk a 5K in any location and support GBAS. 

GBAS restores the smiles and lives of domestic violence survivors who have suffered dental injuries as a result of intimate partner abuse.

Thank you to everyone who supported the race by participating or sponsoring! 

Click here to see photos of the event, and photos of virtual participants.

And thanks to our virtual participants for participating and supporting GBAS wherever they were: 

Brenda Arndt
Christopher Banks, DDS
Kenneth Banks, DDS
Rhonda Banks
Ashley Boecker
Jennifer Bradshaw
Sue Cagle
Marilyn Calvo, DDS
Jay Chrisman, DDS
Adriene  Clampitt
Scott Coleman, DDS
Emily Cook
Merideth Denton
Karen Greenfield, RDH
Missy Hull
Deanna James
Trish Jones, RDH
Mckenzie Klocker
Edward Lam, DDS
Sarah Langford, RDH
Brian Locke
Carolyn Madaus
Brittany Marsh
Diane Marsh
Jarka McSwain
P Pang
Hubert Parker, DMD
Dwight Rickert, CDT
Jennifer Rickert
Jack Ringer, DDS
Lesley Ringer
David Schmid
Janelle Soukella
John Sullivan
Mallory Sullivan, DDS
Christy Thompson
Christopher Vele
Barbara Warner Wojdan, CDT
Quint Whipple, CDT
Kerri White, DDS
Kay Winebrenner
Camille Zelen, DDS