LeadershipAACD Board of Directors

AACD Board of Directors (BOD)
Open Positions
If you are interested in serving on the BOD, please contact Victoria Metz.
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Charge & Primary Duties
The Board of Directors Shall:
  • Have supervision, direction and control of the affairs of the Academy
  • Determine its policies, and be accountable for Academy assets
  • Have authority to contract on behalf of the Academy
  • Adopt such rules, policies and procedures for the conduct of business of the Academy as it shall deem advisable.
  • Have oversight of the Executive Committee
  • Have authority to establish committees, task forces, commissions and other ad hoc work groups
  • Have authority to indemnify Directors, officers, employees and agents in accordance with law.
Time Requirements (Variable)
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Attend face-to-face meetings (Annual Session, June, October and February Chicago Midwinter Meetings)
Length of Term
Two years

15 members including Executive Committee