LeadershipUniversity Relations Committee

University Relations Committee

Three open positions (application deadline was 1/31/15)

Further AACD’s strategic goals to advance cosmetic dental education and to increase membership by interfacing with universities and their involvement with AACD
Primary Duties
  • Determine the structure, composition, focus and meeting process of the University Educators Forum
  • Specifically define the intended benefit to the Academy of relationships with universities which ties in with the program development process
  • Develop criteria, if any, that define eligibility for membership in University Educators Forum
Time Requirements
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Annual face-to-face meeting at the Scientific Session    
Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge
Demonstrated familiarity with dental universities' education curriculum 
Length of Term
Two years
(4) University, one of which, will be the BOD University Representative, (1) ABCD representative, (1) PEC representative, (1) general member, (1) recent graduate, and (1) NALDC representative.