AACD Accredited Fellow Collaborates with Imaging Company
AACD Accredited Fellow, Dr. Lorin Berland, has collaborated with SmilePix to create the new Lorin Smle Styles to help design custom smile simulations.
SmilePix E-Z Imaging (SEZI) helps dentists and their teams create full face individual smile simulations that will stimulate case acceptance.
The SmilePix E-Z Imaging system, or SEZI, is a simplified system for Photoshop that includes teeth shape templates (Lorin Smile Styles), plug-in panels for Photoshop, and a series of instructional videos that guide you through the process of creating smile simulations that patients will be excited about.
The SEZI plug-ins were developed by SmilePix founder Sam Laundon. SmilePix has been creating smile simulations as a service for dentists since 2000. Laundon enlisted the help of Dr. Lorin Berland, co-creator of the Lorin Library, to develop the Lorin Smile Styles, a new and improved template of teeth shapes that work in conjunction with SEZI for optimum imaging results. The Lorin Smile Styles are not photographs, but instead are layers, making it easier to customize size, shape, color, tone and translucency.
To celebrate its release, SmilePix is offering the SmilePix E-Z Imaging package for a special introductory price of $479. 

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