LeadershipEthics Committee

Ethics Committee

One open position (application deadline was 1/31/15)  
Charge & Primary Duties
The Ethics Committee's charge is to address ethics concerns of members of AACD’s three boards (BOD, ABCD, BOT) and addressing ethics concerns of members (for example, advertising the credential improperly).
Time Requirements
  • Participate in committee email discussions
  • Participate in committee conference calls  when needed
Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge
  • Member must exhibit high moral & ethical standards (no complaints or disciplinary actions against them) 
  • Member must demonstrate loyalty to AACD - must operate with Academy interests as paramount over personal gain/preference
  • Has to have been an active member & have strong knowledge of AACD history
  • Member must be willing to develop an in depth knowledge of AACD Bylaws as they currently stand
  • Member must be familiar with and have clear understanding of the AACD Mission and the Three Pillars of the AACD
  • Member must be willing to make sometimes unpleasant or difficult decisions in a fair manner with a strong sense of "right & wrong"
Length of Term
Two years