Call For Papers

AACD International Poster Competition
Without the dedication and passion of the dental community, the advancements of cosmetic dentistry would not be where they are today. The AACD International Poster Session creates an outlet for students, clinicians, researchers, and international dental faculty to share their scientific findings and to promote greater interaction within the dental community.

Click here to download grading criteria for the Poster Session (PDF).

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Call for Papers:
Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students, researchers and international dental junior faculty are encouraged and invited to share their clinical cases and research with AACD members at the annual scientific session in Orlando, Florida April 30 - May 3, 2014 in the following areas: clinical case or material science presentation.

AACD international poster sessionExample of Student Poster

Click here to download the sample poster.

Selected papers will be given the chance to display and/or present.

For eligibility requirements, click here. (PDF)

A copy of the Case Submission form can be found by clicking here. (PDF)

Your abstract and supporting material must be submitted to the AACD Executive Office no later than Midnight, Monday, March 31, 2014*.

Please e-mail your abstract to Amy Ballard, Membership Manager.

*Deadlines will be strictly enforced–no exceptions.

Judged by University Educators’ Forum Schools for 2014

Although any AACD Educators’ Forum member school may have multiple entrants to the Undergraduate and Graduate Poster competition, this year (in order to stimulate more school participation), a New Undergraduate Clinical Case Award was approved. This award will be judged by the University Educator Forum School itself and will be an automatic entrant to the AACD Poster Competition.

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