Question and Answer: Calamia
A. Why are you applying for this position?

I believe that I am the candidate that is best suited to fill this position for the next 2 Years. This belief is based on my past experience on the BOD in this position and the accomplishments we on the University Relations Committee URC have made this past year under my supervision as Committee Chair. I believe the NALDC should pick someone of experience as we have a relatively new CEO and a relatively inexperienced BOD that may need some perspective on BOD History and not only what past Boards have decided but WHY those decisions where reached.  I have been the university representative this past term and was directly a part of the Strategic Plan recently arrived at and specifically the university strategic plan and would like to be involved in the direction of this plan.

B. We are interested in learning about your leadership skills and organizational style. Tell us what we could expect and how you work with others. Be as specific as possible.

It is not enough to just have caring individuals as our leaders. We also need talented individuals that have the skills needed to identify what is best for our organization and also to take on the responsibility to try to have our fellow board members buy into those ideas. This is done by listening carefully to the arguments presented and thinking long and hard, not on the short term effect the decision will have, but instead on the more global repercussions of our decisions on AACD now and in the future.

I manage this duty by doing due diligence in researching what we currently have and what we could have. The AACD has invested a great deal of time in developing me over the past 10 years into a Board Member that is not afraid to voice his opinion but does not force that opinion on others. I am not too stubborn to listen to what my colleagues have to say and I am not surprised that sometimes their arguments alter my thinking. At the end of the day I have respected the actions of my colleagues and ask respect for my honest opinions. Protecting this right is to me, “providing great leadership”.

As one flips through my CV one of the areas, in which I am most proud, is my authorship of articles and texts. I think that category speaks very highly as to my informational management style. I may not at times seem very organized but my written end product is more often than not, of the highest quality. As to my people management style I only ask those around me to give their best effort to accomplish our organizational goals and never slight someone for their true efforts. For those that neglect their duties I just try not to depend upon them but I do make it clear what my expectations for an end product are.

My tenure as a past BOD has taught me some very important lessons about better communication skills and I know this will allow me to better serve the board and our membership.

C. Serving the AACD requires people to take on projects and see them to completion, often working with others to accomplish specific goals. Tell us about your accomplishments and approach to fulfilling obligations.

I have worked under 9 different presidents of AACD on the BOD. During that time I have seen and been personally involved in many of the decisions we have come to realize as catapulting AACD from a fine organization to one that is world recognized not only by our doctor and lab tech colleagues but also by other organizations, organized dentistry, and the public at large. We need to continue in that direction. I am proud to say that I have always worked well with the boards I have been a part of and feel that those that I have worked with would describe me as a board member that is able to identify important goals and have the wherewithal to accomplishing those goals.
D. The AACD offers our members a superb opportunity to form friendships which could be brought into conflict when policy decisions or approaches must be addressed. Tell us about how you might balance those friendships when policy or ethical issues create such a conflict.

Simply said, “Respect you colleagues opinion, as you would like your own opinion respected and I guarantee your friendships will not suffer!” Emotions should take a back seat to an exploration of what the other opinions are and seeking out conversation will hopefully diffuse emotion if carried out without hidden agendas.

E. What do you bring to this position that is unique or distinctive? How will you make a difference?

I believe I am one of the oldest candidates for the open board position. With age, usually comes an inherent wisdom. I believe that the membership of our organization needs leaders that will uphold the main foundations of our society and will do so in an ethical and unbiased way. It is also important that leadership should be recognized for their accomplishments, as this will reflect back on the organization. I bring to the Board the rare combination of one who is a researcher, an educator, an author, and a clinician. I can walk into any of these settings and feel comfortable that I can fit in with each these disciplines. As such I can act as a liaison between AACD Leadership and each of these components in our profession. I hope that the committee will find that I have a national and international recognition in our field, and that I possess those qualities in leadership that are so often are pointed to in a judgment as to the worth of membership in an organization.

I am well aware of our core values. Setting a standard of excellence through continuous education has been the story of my life. In school, in research, and in my private practice, acting with integrity and accountability has always been my cornerstone and that which both I and my wife subscribe but have also been careful to pass on to both of our children.

Lastly, I bring a work ethic that I am proud of. The seriousness with which I hold a position on the board still leaves plenty of room in enjoying and sharing in the camaraderie I have always been a part of in my tenure as a board member.

F. Please give us an idea of where you see your interests and expertise supporting the advancement of the AACD Strategic plan and reflecting an alignment with the Academy’s core purpose.

The following items have been identified in our most recent Strategic Plan as goals:

 i. Increase awareness with dental students at 35 Universities nationwide participating at the 2014
    Scientific Session.  Familiarize students with smile design, AACD and Accreditation.  
        (My committee URC has sent out invitations to over 100 universities for the upcoming meeting
         in Orlando. I personally will be providing a Member pearl that I hope will be attended by the
         academicians and students that are present at the meeting.)

 ii. Develop-plan to have one course for educators from schools on developing a Cosmetic Dental
     Curriculum by Orlando in conjunction with the University Educators Forum. 
         (My Committee will establish this curriculum with the PEC)

iii. For university forum to reach 35 attending and 50 affiliated schools in membership
      by 2014 SS.  (only 13 represented in 2013)
          (My Committee hopes to reach this Goal for Orlando)
G. Ultimately, the purpose of serving the AACD is to support our membership. Tell us how you see yourself relating to the membership and forming a bridge between the Board and our members.

 i. We need to strengthen our alliances with organizations like:
The Academy of General Dentistry
The American Academy of Implant Dentistry
The Academy of Operative Dentistry
The Academy of Laser Dentistry.
Each of the above groups offers a credential in their discipline and solidifying the commonalities of the credentials of the members of our existing alliance of organizations need to be a priority.
Common threads of each of our credentials might be agreed upon without jeopardizing the autonomy of each of these disciplines. These common threads might even parallel some of those basic requirements of existing specialties (examples written exams, case presentations, and continued education). This will make it very difficult for State Boards to ignore the value of our credentials and may make it more obvious that our intent is to help the consumer be aware of the advanced training one brings to the table when presenting our credentials.

ii. We as the developers of what we believe to be strong and relevant credentials should continue to hold ourselves to high standards and back each other by identifying our commonalities. I believe those that really seek to inform and thereby protect the consumer, will eventually stop painting all organizations with the same broad brush of "irrelevant - if not accredited by ADA", but instead these state boards or other entities may begin to enumerate those benchmarks in the credentials of the members of this alliance and hold them up as the standard to be met by all. While freedom of speech is something to be respected and preserved for all, "what one has to say" is just as important in getting final recognition.

iii. I am proud to say that NY has one of the strongest Regional Affiliates in the Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. I am very close to their leadership and they have been great in allowing our students and select faculty to join in their meetings.  NYU at ESACD Meeting with Dr. Radz

iiii. We need to creat more dental school study clubs that are AACD affiliated so that when they have graduated and have become successful dentists they will become part of our future membership.

iiii. Our board members need to identify themselves at our and other organization meetings so that we can infulence further membership cross-polenization.
h. Please list any leadership courses or webinars taken. Leadership training is highly recommended.

On Tuesday, April 29—a day before the official start of the 30th Anniversary AACD Scientific Session—I will be taking the leadership and media training that I hope will aide me in becoming a better leader, business owner, Academy representative, and cosmetic dentistry advocate. This added to the years of experience I have on the AACD Board as well as the many leadership positions I have held at New York University will continue to keep me at my best. “Even the strongest sword blade must be sharpened to perform at its best.”
I. What else should we know in order to consider you as an applicant for this position? 

I think there is plenty of History to indicate what you get in this Candidate. I do hope that this history speaks kindly of my candidacy.

J. Has any dental licensing board taken adverse action against your license or is there any action pending? If yes, please explain.  No.

K. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or are there any charges pending or under investigation? If yes, please explain.  No.