Question and Answer: Hanson

A. Why are you applying for this position?
I wish to apply for the ABCD for two main reasons. One is for personal growth. I want to surround myself with the leaders of my profession in cosmetic dentistry -- the field of dentistry that I am most comprehensively passionate about professionally. I feel that by surrounding myself with the best I will grow and learn from them and become better at what I do and who I am. Second, I feel very strongly about the value of the AACD credential and desire to support it through serving in its organization. The level of clinical excellence that I have been exposed to through this Academy has guided me in setting my own personal standard of excellence in all that I do clinically. I believe that the AACD standard, exemplified through the accreditation process, should be THE standard that our profession as a whole and we as clinicians should all be aiming for in every case that we do for our patients. I hope to contribute in such a way that the knowledge of and the desire and praise for the credential grows publicly and professionally.

B. We are interested in learning about your leadership skills and organizational style. Tell us what we could expect and how you work with others. Be as specific as possible.

I strive to live by true principles. Principles apply to all circumstances and govern our actions. Thus by sharing with you the principles of leadership that I subscribe to, you will know what to expect and how I would work with others in nearly any situation. Through my life’s experiences with leadership, at many different levels, I have come to understand that “leadership” is about growing individuals. It is about believing in those you work with and seeing their greatness and potential so clearly that being around you they can’t help but to see it and believe it themselves. Leading is done through example which often requires courage, faith, and lot of dedication, sacrifice, and work. You have to believe in what you are doing -- and really live it,  in order to cultivate loyalty and teamwork in others. As a leader, I expect of myself: integrity, high standards, and a desire to grow individuals. One of the most powerful organizational tool in leadership that I have observed and participated in is the concept of “effectively counseling in councils”. A wise leader of a group recognizes that he or she does not have all of the answers to all of the questions and will carefully seek out and consider the counsel, opinions, and suggestions of his team. A wise leader will create a culture for his or her council where the sharing of opinions and honest discussion is welcomed, nurtured and safe, and where movement on a decision will first be blessed with the council’s unanimity. A wise leader also recognizes that he or she cannot do it alone, and to be effective, must delegate responsibility, lay out clearly the desired results, make assignments with due dates, and follow-up without micromanaging. A wise leader will never criticize or belittle his team, but express appreciation for what is done well, search for teaching moments and remember that a task to be done is never more important than a person to be loved.

C. Serving the AACD requires people to take on projects and see them to completion, often working with others to accomplish specific goals. Tell us about your accomplishments and approach to fulfilling obligations.

When we look back on our life , it is what we have accomplished that makes us who we are today. It is the essence of our sweetest memories grown out of doing things that were difficult and trying to our souls. And it is our pursuit of accomplishment that gives life to our steps moving forward toward the future. Accomplishment is the joy and the struggle of life -- its what gives life meaning and what makes it all worth it! Accomplishment can be individual or collective. When I think back on my personal accomplishments, I think of earning the Eagle Scout award, making the high school sports teams, graduating with honors form High School, college, and dental school, being recognized as man of the year for BYU - idaho’s college of health sciences, serving a two-year mission in Spain for my church, fluently speaking spanish, being the type of husband and father that my wife and four children are happy to see when I come home from work, authoring and publishing articles in dental journals, achieving AACD accreditation, running a marathon, and starting up a dental practice my first year out of school where I still work today, six years later. I may think of these initially as personal accomplishments, but when I carefully consider them, I know that these were truly collective achievements. These were accomplished because of good teachers, great role-models, loving and sacrificing parents -- true friends -- these were accomplished through the skilled leadership behind the scenes of the mentors of my life. I want to be one of those mentors now for others. Fulfilling obligations is a matter of integrity, and those who wish to develop leadership skills within themselves foster that attribute. 

D. The AACD offers our members a superb opportunity to form friendships which could be brought into conflict when policy decisions or approaches must be addressed. Tell us about how you might balance those friendships when policy or ethical issues create such a conflict.

Addressing ethical issues among friends or family can potentially create conflict of at least emotion. However, I believe that in correcting another or in addressing an uncomfortable situation with someone, if that individual you address senses your genuine and sincere care for them -- and that that care surfaces above all else that may be said or happening at that moment, that friendship will survive -- and may likely be even stronger for it in the end.

E. What do you bring to this position that is unique or distinctive? How will you make a difference?

I am not aware of many young or recently graduated doctors representing the Academy. Being so myself, I would represent the growing future of the Academy, and as such, may be able to provide new insight in the organization’s counsel meetings. I also believe that representing the AACD in my passion for excellence in cosmetic dentistry may inspire new leaders for the future.
F. Please give us an idea of where you see your interests and expertise supporting the advancement of the AACD Strategic plan and reflecting an alignment with the Academy’s core purpose.

My interest and expertise is in conservative dentistry with modern materials and with the technologies and materials we have available to us today, it is very reasonable for us as a profession to promote and to also consistently provide an excellent standard of esthetic dentistry in a very conservative and ethically responsible way.  I feel strongly about practicing and promoting this kind of dentistry through the global reach of this Academy. I have a great desire to teach, and it is my hope to position myself to be influential to others in adopting a higher standard for themselves clinically with the educational and philanthropical support of the AACD.

G. Ultimately, the purpose of serving the AACD is to support our membership. Tell us how you see yourself relating to the membership and forming a bridge between the Board and our members.

I represent and have much in common with the recently graduating and newly practicing dentists that form part of our Academy;s membership. Relating to this group and identifying and responding to their needs will be critical to the Academy’s ability to continue to thrive in the future. Forming a bridge between the leadership and the membership is accomplished one-by-one. It is reaching out to the one, it is learning someone’s name and finding out about them at a meeting, it is making a phone call to say “I remember you and I just wanted to see how you were doing.” it is extending yourself in service and in genuine friendship to help a peer through Accreditation, it is taking time for the “one”. These types of bridges are formed one link at a time. It is about using the programs to concentrate on the individuals rather than using the individuals to focus on the programs that leads to an organization’s greatness.

H. Please list any leadership courses or webinars taken.

Life’s courses in leadership: I have served in the leadership of my church for over 20 years. I have led a thriving dental practice for over 6. I have four children. I have organized and taught clinical courses to my peers in dental school. I have taught and led missionaries in Spain. Continually giving your best at what you do allows others the comfortable latitude to do the same.

I. What else should we know in order to consider you as an applicant for this position?

I give my best at what I do.

J. Has any dental licensing board taken adverse action against your license or is there any action pending? If yes, please explain.

K. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or are there any charges pending or under investigation? If yes, please explain.