Question and Answer: Haber

One of the most gratifying experiences a dental professional can experience is contributing to their profession in the form of volunteering in a membership driven organization that represents the principals that make your career exciting.

I have had the pleasure of serving in local, state and national organized dentistry on different levels since 1989.  I have grown to appreciate the hard work that goes into making these organizations run smoothly and have actively contributed to that growth. 
Along the way of this growth, I have learned that in order for our dental community to grow, unity must be the cornerstone of success. Although many times along the way to creating this unit, it is common to encounter opinions that seem to be a polar opposite of what your core beliefs are, it is important that the focus remains on the bigger picture of creating the Unity and working with the opposing opinion to reach common ground that will fortify the organization.  Anytime a leader forgets that they are the elected representative of the membership and forgets to include their thoughts into all decisions, the end result almost always fails with no support.  Part of being positive and inclusive is keeping order and keeping the rules of the organization in order.  A way to accomplish this is by making sure that before I begin my term, I will review the Bylaws, policies and all motions approved by the BOD within the last year prior to my taking office.  This will help the BOD and organization transition with the new BOD members to be as seamless as possible. 
As my CV reads, I have served on many committees in many dental organizations.  I have also served as President.  As part of this experience, I have attended yearly leadership training and have been exposed to many explosive ideas that I know the AACD will benefit from.  I am addicted to sharing for the benefit of the whole.  This zest and caring can get me in trouble sometimes with those that have a private agenda, but it is ok, because eventually, the betterment of the whole supersedes all private agendas.  
I have served as a member of the AACD BOD for four years and enjoyed transitioning the organization back into the control of the membership after having been led onto the path of Policy Governance.  Our organization belongs to the membership as a whole and more involvement of the membership will only serve to fortify it.  I look at this organization as a huge tree with very few roots in the dental community on a grass roots level.  It can topple easily with a blow of a slight wind in the form of a trend.  I would love to see this organization plant roots and take itself to the next level in establishing its place as truly the representative of the Cosmetic Dentistry professional and not just educating the dental professional.  I say this because there are a lot of movements that this Academy could have been involved in to take a stand on behalf of its members that are being assaulted professionally, but the focus was not realized and I feel this was missed opportunities to help this organization truly plant its roots deep.
I look forward to being interviewed and answering any questions that you may have about my experience and thoughts on the organization and profession. Last, but not least, I have never been involved in any legal issues that has affected the integrity of my license or my standing in the community.
Viviane Haber, DDS