Why the AACD Educators Academy?

Here’s what the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Educators Academy can do for you:
  • For experienced speakers you’ll build your brand as a key opinion leader, discover unique ways to present your content, and advance your speaking business. You’ll see how to develop intellectual property (audio and video programs, books and articles) and how to use them to drive your speaking business.
  • For those new to speaking, you’ll develop the confidence and learn the processes of giving compelling presentations. Become one of the “Rising Stars” and new voices in dentistry who meeting planners are looking for to lead their meetings.
  • In your practice of dentistry you’ll be a more interesting, memorable, and influential communicator to your patients and team members. You’ll see improvement in patients accepting your treatment recommendations and better alignment/commitment of your team.
“Attending the Dr. Paul Homoly’s workshop not only made me a better speaker, it helped me communicate better with my patients and team. If you want to make a big difference, get involved with this workshop.”
-- Dr. Michael DiTolla, Director of Clinical Education at Glidewell Labs, Editor Chairside Magazine
“WOW! I'm so grateful for this speakers training. It was incredible to witness how each attendee raised their own bar in such a short period of time. Paul's coaching and teaching style, along with his presentation templates, were profound yet simple to understand. I can't wait to continue my growth. A HUGE FIVE out of FIVE Stars!”

-- Dr. James Klim, AACD Accredited Member, Santa Rosa, California