Course Information

L101 - Advanced Clinical Program
Betsy Bakeman, DDS

Think Bigger – Together we achieve more than any of us could ever achieve alone! 
Think Better – Feel the power of collective wisdom!
Think Broader – Stretch your boundaries by surrounding yourself with amazing people doing amazing things!
Think Beautiful – We are a cosmetic Academy after all! 
Dr. Betsy Bakeman will lead us through a half day treatment planning program, exploring the diagnostic and restorative challenges we face daily. Be ready to brainstorm, gain insight and consider new possibilities.
Educational Objectives
1. Be introduced to a simplified, systematic approach of diagnosis and treatment planning 
2. Develop inclusive treatment plans that patients understand and accept
3. Learn the role that esthetics play in the comprehensive treatment plan
W152 - Fundamentals of Using Available and Natural Light Workshop
Bernie B. Villadiego, DDS
You will often hear professional photographers say that they prefer natural lighting rather than studio lighting. After all, many go to great lengths to artificially reproduce natural lighting using studio lights, so why not just use the real thing? Not all dental practices have the space or room to set up a photography studio. Sometimes it is not financially feasible to invest in buying photography equipment such as strobe lights, diffusers, and backgrounds. This workshop will show you how to use available window light and the natural outdoor sunlight to create beautiful portraits. By the end of this workshop, participants will literally see the world in a new light.
Educational Objectives:
1. Learn what is “good” and “bad” light and create great portrait lighting
2. Understand light: what bad light to avoid and what good light to find
3. Learn the camera settings that emphasize the model by blurring the background
L201 - The New Rules of Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Relationships: How to Take Your Dental Practice to the Next Level
Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Michael DiFrisco, AACD Chief Marketing Officer
The world of dentistry and particularly esthetic dentistry is constantly changing. There are new principles for patient procurement, building a brand in your community, and establishing long-lasting relationships with patients that will place your practice in that top 2% of successful dental practices. Please join us for an interactive workshop to discover how to achieve significant growth and reduce stress by making small strategic changes.
Educational Objectives:
1. Learn how to develop a strategy to prosper in the new economy
2. Learn how to build your dental brand and protect it in your community
3. Understand the marketing strategies appropriate for your vision and target to your demographic
4. Learn how relationship building, patient psychology, and communication skills are vital to your practice success

W202 - Accreditation Level Anterior Composite Bonding
John F. Weston, DDS
Science has allowed direct restorative materials to develop to a level that provides lasting beauty and luster previously only found in porcelain restorations. This presentation and hands-on workshop will show you a simple step-by-step process for smile design and fabrication of conservative, esthetic, and functional direct bonding for anterior teeth. See how easy it is to replicate the polychromatic shading ad realistic characteristics found in natural teeth while conserving tooth structure and building restorations that look amazing.
Educational Objectives:
1. Learn simple methods for restoring anterior teeth with direct materials and how accurate reduction guides can create esthetic success
2. Understand the importance of intra-oral mock-ups as they relate to case design for beautiful and predictable composite reconstructions
3. Train your “esthetic eye” to see how the subtleties of polish, texture, anatomy, and outline form of natural teeth can be re-created in composite