Candidate Q&A: Kelly

a. How long have you been a member? 
20 years

b. List all committees, positions or offices held in the AACD or other organizations.

1989 AACD Member
1993 Accredited Technician Member
1994-1996 Laboratory Technician Accreditation Committee
1995-2006 Accreditation Examiner
1996-2000 Board of Directors
1996-1997 Accreditation Consultant Volunteer
1997-2003 Humanitarian Task Force
1998-1999 Nominating Committee
1998-2002 Public Relations Committee
2000 Hospitality Committee
2000 Program Chair, Annual Meeting San Francisco
2000-2002 Program Committee
2000-2001 Laboratory Technician Committee
2000-2001 Membership Committee, Chair
2002-2003 Public Relations Committee, Chair
2004-2005 Board of Trustees
2004-2005 Board of Trustees, Secretary
2004-2005 Board of Trustees Marketing Committee, Chair
2004-2005 Board of Trustees Fundraising Committee
2004-2005 Board of Trustees Policy Ad-Hoc Committee
2004-2006 Marketing Oversight Committee
2005-2009 Board of Directors
2007-2008 President
2005-2009 Executive Committee
2005-2008 Finance Committee
2008-2009 Governance and Bylaws Committee
2009-2010 Marketing Oversight Committee, Chair
2008-2011 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
2010 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, Chair
2010 Review and Advisory Committee
2008-Present Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
2008-Present Past President’s Advisory Council
2012-2013- Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry, Secretary –Executive Council Member, 2010

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, American Academy of General Dentistry Executive Liaison (2007)

Ad-hoc Membership Committee, Member (2009)

Academy of Comprehensive Estherics-F.A.C.E Member, Fellow

Spectrum, Advisory Board Member 2007-2010

Editor, Dental Laboratory Tribune 2010

CRA, Evaluator 2010- Current

Reality Publishing Evaluator 2010 2004-2010 Public Relations Manager
Non- profit organization -raises money to fund teacher’s grant requests through the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, California. Responsible for PR and marketing efforts.
c. List any leadership courses or webinars taken. 

Business / Marketing, Diablo Valley College, CA 1984-1986

AACD Accredited Technician, 1993
Executive Studies Program, Stanford University, CA, 2002 Public Relations/Marketing

Technical Certifications in: Cerestore tm, Dicor tm, Mirage tm, InCeram tm, Empress tm

Accredited Member, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 1993

AACD board training, parliamentary procedures, strategic planning sessions
Examiner Calibration Training

Leadership and Management Training:  American Management Association, Walter Hailey-Boot Kamp, Fortune Management

Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies


Crown Council, Member                     

F.A.C.E., Fellow Technician, Member

Professional Speaking Association, Graduate

Dental Manufacturers, Consultant
d. Why do you want to be a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee?
I enjoy working with members of the NALDC, seeking out potential future leaders for the Academy and assisting in the vetting process and supporting our Academy’s goals for the future. The AACD is an amazing organization, comprised of dedicated and forwarding thinking individuals. As a committee, it’s important for us to keep our leadership strong for the future, and I am willing to serve as needed.

e. Why do you feel qualified to be a member of the NALDC? 
I believe my experience within the AACD and other leading organizations has prepared me to help in the vetting process, and to reach out to members willing and qualified to serve. I also really enjoy connecting with our members and encouraging them to run for available positions, and also see the benefit of a strong and diverse leadership team for our Academy.

f. Include any additional information that you feel is pertinent?  
Please see attached.

g. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or are there any charges pending or under investigation? No.