Candidate Q&A: Hollar

A. How long have you been a member? 

I have been a member of AACD for over 20 years.

B. List all committees, positions or offices held in the AACD or other organizations. 

I have served on the ABCD for the past six years, and during that time I was the ABCD liason to the BOD, and served on the following committees: Affiliates Committee, UEF (University Educators Forum), Budget and Finance Committee, New Members Committee, President’s Committee, editor for Accreditation Essentials for JCD, examiner, and visiting faculty for the Pankey Institute.
C. List any leadership courses or webinars taken.
Throughout my six years on the ABCD, I have attended several leadership courses at joint board meetings. In addition, I attended Paul Homoly’s 2 day leadership course.

D.  Why do you want to a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee
E.  Why do you feel qualified to be a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee?
I would like to be on the NALDC to aid the AACD in attracting and selecting the most effective leaders that will accelerate our organization’s growth and relevancy in the future. My six years of board service have enabled me to understand the importance of balancing the desires of the general membership and the Accredited membership for the benefit of all. I feel that this balance and understanding is important for all of the leaders of AACD. In addition, we need writers, teachers, communicators and innovators amongst our leadership, and I believe that there are numerous talented leaders in AACD waiting to blossom for our cause as well as for their own personal growth. I appreciate the leadership opportunity that I have had in this organization and would love to help seek others to experience similar growth and rewards.

9.   Have you ever been convicted of a felony or are there any charges pending or under investigation? If yes, please explain.

I have not been convicted of a felony or any other charges.