Question and Answer: Calamia

a. How long have you been a member?

13 Years Since the 2000 meeting.

b. List all committees, positions or offices held in the AACD or other organizations.

AACD Committee Experience
AACD Board of Directors, University Representative    April 2003 to May 2007.
During these two consecutive terms he has served on University Relations Committee and Advocacy Committee (Legislation to protect the Credential) and had great interest in International Membership in AACD and the AACD University Advisory Council. Serving as the Chairman of the latter from 2004-2006 he oversaw the growth in this council to 51 schools.
AACD Board of Directors, General Membership Rep.     April 2008- May 2010
Interested in committees to increase Membership

AACD Board of Directors, University Representative      April 2011- May 2014.
University Relations Committee member 2011-2013 Chairman 2013-present
NALDC Committee member May 2013 – Dec. 2013

NYU Committee Experience
Academic Affairs Committee - as Director of Preclinical
Operative and Dental Anatomy                                                          1983-1985
Instrument Committee - Invited Guest while Director of
Operative and Dental Anatomy                                                          1983-1985
Chairman, Core Technique Committee, Department of
Operative Dentistry                                                                            1984-1987
Chairman, Research Committee, Department of Operative
Dentistry                                                                                             1985-1988
OKU Sponsored Student Table Clinic Committee                                        1986-1991
President, OKU Omega Chapter National Dental Honors Society               2008 -2009
NYU Dental School's Budget and Policy Planning Committee                     1986-1990
Chairman, Intramural Research Committee                                                  1986-1988
Instrument Committee                                                                                    1986-1991
Interdepartmental Committee on Dental Materials                                        1986-1996
Intramural Research Committee                                                                     1986-1996
Student Faculty Policy Planning Committee                                                  1991-1996
Chairman, Procedure & Standards for Salary, Promotion
And Tenure                                                                                                     1991-1993
Member of Committee for Self-study of Research                                        1994-1996
Programs for Accreditation                                                                            1994-1996
Member, Procedure & Standards for Salary, Promotion and Tenure             2006-2008                  
Admissions Committee Interviewer                                                               2006-present

c. List any leadership courses or webinars taken.

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014—a day before the official start of the 30th Anniversary AACD Scientific Session—I will be taking the leadership and media training that I hope will aide me in becoming a better leader, business owner, Academy representative, and cosmetic dentistry advocate. This added to the years of experience I have on the AACD Board as well as the many leadership positions I have held at New York University will continue to keep me at my best. “Even the strongest sword blade must be sharpened to perform at its best.”

d. Why do you want to be a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee?

I have done quite a bit of thinking about this position especially of late.
In my opinion this Committee is in many ways THE most important committee in our organization.
In its hands are placed the responsibility of evaluating individuals’ credentials and then selecting those it has deemed qualified to be in decision making positions within our organization. These positions will in turn shape not only the current direction of AACD but also will have a long term effect on our organization and its future direction.

e. Why do you feel qualified to be a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee?

I have reflected on the process in which not only I was sanctioned for a position of leadership but also those that I have had the pleasure of working with on the BOD from 2004-2008, again from 2009-10 and from 2011-2014 forward. It was the unique qualities of those individuals that helped form our current Strategic Plan and the leadership of the administrations of Mike Mallone, Larry Addelson, Nick Davis, Marty Zase, Laura Kelly, and Mickey Burnstein, John Sullivan and Ron Goodlin, Jack Ringer that have set the course of this ship to usher the organization into an time where we are no longer just another organization of bonda-dontists but instead, as our vision statement said, the organization that will be considered the pre-eminent resource for cosmetic dentistry information, knowledge, and credentialing for both the dental profession and the public.

I have been around for 63 years but these past thirteen in which I have been exposed to just the leadership I have mentioned above has had a significant effect on my personal growth and commitment to this organization. I worked hard over those years as a Board of Director to help identify our current mission statement, our vision statement, our core values, our short term goals, and our long term goals. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel that so many of us have striven for; AACD recognition as THE organization to be a member of and a Strong and Recognized Credential. I believe I have a great sense of the direction we need to continue in and I think that I can help select those individuals that are the most likely to either "be now" or "developed into" the leadership that will carry us forward in the administrations of Jim and Joyce. I believe I can identify individuals that are willing to set a standard of excellence and individuals that will act with integrity and accountability and that value the thoughts and opinions of their colleagues.

This may be easily said but there is a significant challenge. That challenge is to make sure the pool of individuals we need to select from is rich enough that we can select the quality of individual that will partner in reaching our goals.

f. Include any additional information that you feel is pertinent

I was elected to a Three year term on the NALDC in June 2013.
I have been part of the process of evaluating candidates for leadership and felt quite comfortable doing so and I also felt my fellow committee members where more than satisfied with my work. I resigned from the committee only after being asked by former presidents of AACD to again run for the University Position on the AACD BOD. Seeing the importance of this position at this time of rebuilding our University Relations and organizing our University Forum I was convinced that this call was of the utmost importance at this time. Since this introduced a conflict of interest it was my duty to resign from NALDC but whether or not I am re-elected to the BOD I was made aware of the fact that I might again run for the NALDC. I was just beginning to learn the job and I do feel that I am up to the position and am both willing and able to again become part of NALDC.

I do feel strongly about more representation or at least more concentration into the needs of the general membership by our leadership. I also am from academia and also feel that it would be a tremendous advantage to our organization to able to get more academic involvement with our leadership so that we can partner with dental education and not be perceived as trying to replace it.

That being said, I do believe I have the reputation as a listener and I respect the opinions of my colleagues. I do not have any agenda, if I am elected to this position, other than to try, as best as I possibly can, to insure that this committee will continue to find and developed leadership that will bring our organization to its well earned recognition.

I do hope the committee will again entertain my application and select me as a viable candidate.
9.   Have you ever been convicted of a felony or are there any charges pending or under investigation? If yes, please explain.