Paul Kirchoff

Paul Kirchoff

Paul Kirchoff serves as SaleAMP's Chief Executive Officer.  Paul is a leading expert in all aspects of internet marketing – search, social, conversion marketing and more.


Paul's  first major success was with Dell Computers taking the Inspiration Laptop line from zero to $1.5 billion in its first year.


After 6 years with Dell,  Paul founded his own marketing technology company that he eventually sold to the largest NASDAQ player in the industry. He has served as Chief Marketing Officer for several large and venture-backed firms and has extensive experience in cutting-edge demand generation, product marketing, outsourcing,  and all aspects of business management.


Paul's current company, SaleAMP is part of a detailed case study by Facebook - because they drive so much revenue and lead generation through them.


If you want to know what works online, Paul is the man to talk to.