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Accreditation…If Not Now, When?

By Marilyn Calvo, DDS, AAACD
Many dentists and laboratory technicians take the Accreditation Written Examination with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm. Becoming an Accredited Member is a challenge that can bring about only positive changes in your ability to serve your patients and improve the quality of your dentistry.  Often, as with many dreams, once the initial thrill of passing the written exam fades, the enthusiasm wears off and it is easy to forget or justify why NOW is not a good time to work on your DREAM.
The American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry (ABCD) wants every member to be successful and achieve their dream of becoming Accredited.  In order to help Members in the Process (MIP’s) take the next step on their journey, the ABCD has recruited 64 Accredited Members to call all 530 MIP’s.  The goal of this “Facilitator Program” is to encourage everyone that has this dream.  Once you have set becoming Accredited as a goal, one of the biggest challenges is to maintain the motivation to follow through. The reason some Accreditation goals aren’t achieved is that an ACTION plan is not put in place.
If Accreditation seems like an overwhelming task, break it down into manageable steps:  
Start out by speaking with your facilitator to gain perspective on how he or she accomplished goals.
Get your photography skills in order. 
Hone in on whatever dental skills need sharpening, find an Accreditation Examiner Mentor, take classes. 
Write your goals down. Then, give them a timeline. 

Remember…one step at a time.  Successful people have a “solution” mindset.  They are constantly looking for the best way to move past obstacles.   Identify your weaknesses in the cases you are working on and develop an action plan to overcome these obstacles.  Maintain a positive attitude and don’t procrastinate.  Know what you want, and go after it. 

Not tomorrow, TODAY.