About Give Back a Smile

Tony and GRAMMY Award winner Billy Porter talks about Give Back a Smile
Give Back a Smile
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation's (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program heals some of the most devastating effects of domestic and sexual violence, by restoring the smiles of adult women and men who have suffered dental injuries to the front 8 teeth only, from a former intimate partner or spouse, family member or due to sexual assault. 
Program Recipient Testimonial

GBAS patient's smile before

GBAS patient's full face before

GBAS patient full face after

This Give Back a Smile program recipient was violently attacked by her ex-boyfriend. The blows to her face were so vicious that she lost her front tooth and suffered such severe damage to her eye that it had to be removed. 

"It feels good when you can smile and know that the world is smiling with you.  I smile all the time now, but for 10 years I couldn't.  Whenever I looked in the mirror I saw a monster, today, I see a beautiful woman."


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