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AACD Presidents

Jack Ringer
AACD Current President
2013 - 2014
Jack Ringer, DDS
Dr. Ringer, an Accredited member of the AACD, has been in private practice at Advanced Smile Design for more than 25 year in Anaheim Hills, Calif., and has been teaching contemporary esthetic dentistry at various teaching institutions for the past 16 years.
Dr. Ringer practices general family and restorative dentistry and is certified as a dental sleep medicine practitioner by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Jack Ringer is the President of OCACD (Orange County Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

A nationally renowned lecturer in contemporary esthetic dentistry, Dr. Jack Ringer is faculty mentor for the Spear Institute at the Scottsdale Center in Arizona, a faculty member for the Esthetic Professionals Dental Education and Training Center in Tarzana California, and is past Associate Professor at Loma Linda Dental School and past Assistant Clinical Director for Center for Esthetic Dentistry at UCLA.

Ronald Goodlin, DDS Immediate Past President
Ron Goodlin, DDS
2012 - 2013

Norm Feigenbaum, DDS Norm Feigenbaum, DDS
1999 - 2000
John K. Sullivan, DDS John K. Sullivan, DDS
2011 - 2012
Joe Carrick, DDS Joe Carrick, DDS
1998 - 1999
Hugh Flax, DDS Hugh Flax, DDS  
2010 - 2011
Ken Glick, DDS Ken Glick, DDS
1997 - 1998
Michael Sesemann, DDS Michael R. Sesemann, DDS  
2009 - 2010
Craig Mabrito, DDS Craig Mabrito, DDS
1996 - 1997
Mickey Bernstein, DDS Mickey Bernstein, DDS
2008 - 2009
Daniel Mayeda, DDS Daniel Mayeda, DDS
1995 - 1996
Laura Kelly Laura Kelly
2007 - 2008
Sidney Markowitz, DDS Sidney Markowitz, DDS
1994 - 1995
Marty Zase, DMD Marty Zase, DMD
2006 - 2007
Jeffrey Golub-Evans, DDS Jeffrey Golub-Evans, DDS
1993 - 1994
Nicholas Davis, DDS Nicholas Davis, DDS
2005 - 2006
Jonathan Scharf, DMD Jonathan Scharf, DMD
1992 - 1993
Larry Addleson, DDS Larry Addleson, DDS
2004 - 2005
George Freedman, DDS George Freedman, DDS
1991 - 1992
Mike Malone, DDS Mike Malone, DDS
2003 - 2004
John Kanca, III, DMD John Kanca, III, DMD
1990 - 1991
Wynn Okuda, DMD Wynn Okuda, DMD
2002 - 2003
Paul Landman, DDS Paul Landman, DDS
1989 - 1990
Arthur Chal, DDS Arthur Chal, DDS
2001 - 2002
Jeff Morley, DDS Jeff Morley, DDS
1987 - 1989
Dean Lodding, DDS Dean Lodding, DDS
2000 - 2001
Jack Kammer, DDS Jack Kammer, DDS
Founding Father
1984 - 1987
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