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What's New at AACD

AACD News: What's New at AACD?

ADA: Dentists' earnings not recovering from recession
However, data suggest that AACD Members, and particularly AACD Accredited Members, typically see more revenues from performing higher-margin comprehensive cosmetic functional, and restorative treatments.

JCD Wins Platinum Pencil Award!
Congratulations to the editorial staff of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry—AACD’s membership publication—for winning the International College of Dentists (ICD) Platinum Pencil Award for excellence in journalism.

Smile Story Contest Winners Announced!
Meet the five lucky individuals who will be receiving smile makeovers from AACD Member Dentists! 
Step Up and Get Involved in AACD Leadership
You've already set yourself apart from the rest by becoming a member of AACD. Now it's time to step up and guide the Academy into the future. Click here.
"Your Smile Becomes You" Exceeds Expectations
The AACD's "Your Smile Becomes You" consumer microsite has received more than 32,000 visits! 
AACD Supports ADA's Position in Non-Dental Teeth Whitening Lawsuit
The AACD is backing the American Dental Association's position against non-dental teeth whitening in a North Carolina lawsuit.
What's Your Smile Personality?
Take the Smile Analysis to find out what your smile says about you!
  My Smile Says I've Got a Good Secret

30 Years of Cosmetic Dentistry History In the Making:
See How Far AACD Has Come!

The Academy has surpassed many milestones since its founding meeting in 1984. See the AACD's most significant events, and the individuals who made them happen. Click here

  30 Years of Making Smiles
Novella Promotes Give Back a Smile
The AACD Charitable Foundation and author Isabel Sharpe have partnered to create a novella about survival and new beginnings. “For One of Your Smiles” is now on for only 99 cents. For more information, click here. 
Help Your Patients Make Healthy Choices 
Many patients indulge in sugary drinks and foods at holiday parties or events throughout the year. Help your patients avoid cavities by educating them about the foods that can help them achieve optimal oral health. Read more.
A White Wedding: Creating the Most Important Smile of Your Life
Wedding preparations should be just more than food and flowers. They should also include brightening your smile for the big day! Read more about how AACD Member Dentists can help brides, grooms, and even members of the wedding party get their smiles dazzling for the big event.