Practice Management

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Mullins Featured in Progressive Dentistry
AACD Member Rhonda Mullins was recently featured in Progressive Dentist Magazine for an article about care-driven dentistry. Read more.
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Here are seven easy ways you can shake things up around the office (in a good way!). Read more.
Promote Your Dental Practice Through Facebook Places!
Are you an avid Facebook user? If not, you should be! Facebook Places can help you promote and attract more patients to your practice. Read more.
Turning Calls into Cash With Care
Read some of Rhonda Mullins' tips on how to attract and retain more patients to your dental practice through a simple phone call. Read more.
Are You Charging a Fair Fee?
In this Academy Connection article, Mark Absher looks at what dental practices need to do to ensure they are charging their patients an appropriate fee but also making a return on their services. Included is a formula you can use to gauge whether your practice is earning a reasonable return. Read more.