Practice Marketing

No No No's of Dental Marketing
Here are all of the things you shouldn't do to attract patients this holiday season--and all of the things you should be doing instead.
How to Get a Flood of New Patients This Summer
Read Postcard Mania CEO Joy Gendusa's tips for bringing in a bunch of new patients to your practice! 
Eight Steps to Build An Effective Email Newsletter
Is your practice using an email newsletter to attract new patients? Even if you are, here's how to take it to the next level.
What Should Cosmetic Dentists Blog About?
Read this article 
by Postcard Mania CEO Joy Gendusa about how to connect with your patients through blogging.
Want Press For Your Dental Practice? 
AACD Members have access to a free Quick Guide to Public Relations with resources to build their practice and reputation in the community. Click to download now.
Online Reviews Can Make or Break You
How do you handle negative reviews of your dental practice, especially when they're online for prospective patients to see? Here's what you can do to mitigate this. Read more.
Infographics to Market Your Cosmetic Dentistry Services Now Available
Do you offer veneers and whitening in your practice? Two new AACD infographics are now available to share on your website or through social media!
Do You Know What Women Want? As a dental professional, if you don't, you are missing out on a key demographic. Read more.
Branding is For All Labs
Any business that is not growing will be shrinking. Check out this practice marketing article by Dean Mersky on how your lab can get noticed and attract clients. Read more.
Dental Holiday Marketing
You'd better learn how to box your competitors or take a hit when it comes to promoting your practice during the holidays. Read more.
Finding the 'Hard to Reach' Cosmetic Dentistry Patient
Health clubs might provide a new target market for cosmetic dentists. Read more.
Location, Location, Location.
Are you moving to a new space -- or are you stuck in your current one for awhile? Read how to make the best of your spot when it comes to marketing your dental practice. Read more.


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